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Ancient Religion
Ancient Religion

Current Course Information


The following list represents the detailed course descriptions of our current offerings; for the full range of courses offered in the Religious Studies program, please consult the Undergraduate Course Descriptions in the UNF Catalog.


Required Intro Course:


  • REL 2300 Comparative Religion, Treyz, T/R 10:50-12:05
Elective courses:
  • REL 3213 Hebrew Bible, Treyz, T/R 1:40-2:55
  • REL 3340 Intro to Buddhism, Mattice T/R 6 pm -7:15  
  • REL 3931 Early Christian Philosophy, Carelli, Online
  • ANT 4241 Anthropology of Religion, Lukens-Bull, T/R 1:40-2:55
  • SYO 4200 Sociology of Religion, Phillips, Wed, 6 pm
  • REL 3168 Religion and Nature, Denison, Monday, 1:30-2:45 (Hybrid)
Please note: 

REL 3168 will be the capstone course for 2022, and required for for majors aiming to graduate in 2022, spring, summer, or fall.