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Current Course Information

The following list represents the detailed course descriptions of our current offerings; for the full range of courses offered in the Religious Studies program, please consult the Undergraduate Course Descriptions in the UNF Catalog.

REL 2300 Comparative Religion

The specific content of this course varies by instructor but in general it introduces students to one of the two primary approaches to Religious Studies: Comparative Religion (sometimes called the History of Religions). It includes an introduction to the academic study of religion, a survey of the world's major religious traditions and a discussion such categories as myth, ritual, religious experience, and religious institutions. This course fulfills the University's "Cultural Diversity" requirement and is a requirement for both the major and the minor.

Fall 2017 Upper Divison

REL 3040: Religion Theory and Methods (FALL ONLY, Required for Majors)

Denison, Friday, 12-2:45

REL 3936: Sociology of the Bible

Phillips, T/R, 4:30-5:45

REL3937: Gender in Islam (FALL ONLY, Replacement for Religion as Culture, required for Majors and Minors)

De Jorio, T/R, 1:40-2:55

REL 3934: India: Thought and Culture in SE Asia

Carelli, M/W, 3:00-4:45

REL 3935: Japanese Philosophy through Culture

Mattice, T/Th, 10:50-12:05

REL 3932: Judaism in America

Denison, T/Th, 12:15-1:30