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student in psychology studying a book

Current Students


Sydney Barrett


Research Interests: 

Sydney attained her Bachelor of Science in Health degree from the University of North Florida. She is interested in research in cognitive development and child psychology. After graduation, she plans on pursuing a doctorate degree or possibly working in the field. 


Advisor: Dr. Susan Perez



William Eames


Research Interests: 

William received his B.S. in Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University in 2019, with a history minor. His research interests are radicalization into extremist groups and recruitment methods carried out by terrorist organizations. After graduation, he will gain some experience in the field and then pursue a Ph.D.


Advisor: Dr. Dan Richard



Skylar A. St. Clair


Research Interests: 

Skylar received her undergraduate degree at the University of North Florida with a major in Psychology and a minor in Chemistry. She researches alcohol and substance use. After graduation she will pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology focusing on Addiction and Prevention.


Advisor: Dr. Gabriel Ybarra



Angel Collie


Research Interests: 

Angel graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis. Her general research interests are dementia, stereotypes, prejudices and implicit/explicit biases. Upon graduating she will to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology.


Advisor: Dr. Curtis Phills



Abigail Crawford


Research Interests: 

Abigail received her B.S. in Athletic Training in May of 2020. Her general research interests include health and clinical psychology. After graduation, she hopes to begin a Ph.D. program.


Advisor: Dr. Lori Lange



Lindsay Baker


Research Interests: 

Lindsay received her bachelors in psychology and biology from the University of Florida. She is interested aspects of nutrition and psychology, neuroscience, and mental health. She is hoping to continue her work after UNF at a Clinical psychology PhD program.


Advisor: Dr. Anita Fuglestad



Lizbeth Vera Murillo


Research Interests: 

Lizbeth obtained an undergraduate degree from Youngstown State University in Ohio with a minor in business. Her current research interests are in recruitment and community-based research of the Latinx Population and cross-cultural research between collectivistic and individualist cultures. In the future, she would like to work with the Latinx community and continue pursue a P.h.D in cross-cultural, clinical, or developmental psychology.


Advisor: Dr. Jody Nicholson



Emma von Holten


Research Interests: 

Emma von Holten received her undergraduate degree at UNF in Psychosocial Environmental Awareness Through Business and Media. She investigates physiological measures of the freeze response in veterans and military affiliated persons. After graduation, she plans on continuing the pursuit of knowledge.


Advisor: Dr. Lori Lange


headshot of Maidson Reasonover

Madisen Reasonover


Research Interests: 

Madisen attained her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from the University of North Florida. Overall, she is interested in the field of health psychology and is open to pursuing her Ph.D. or possibly working in the private sector as a researcher analyst.


Advisor: Dr. Paul Fuglestad


headshot of Hollie Minichiello

Hollie Minichiello


Research Interests: 

Hollie received her undergraduate degree from Florida State University with a major in Psychology and a minor in Social Welfare. Her thesis investigates perfectionism, self-esteem, coping mechanisms, and emotion regulation. She will present flash talk at the BASIS conference in St. Petersburg, Fl. Hollie is also a graduate teaching assistant for the Research Methods laboratory course. After graduation, I want to work towards a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology focused on stress, emotion regulation, depression, and suicidal thoughts and behaviors. 


Advisor: Dr. Paul Fuglestad




headshot of Dain Rust

Dain Rust

Research Interests: 

Dain received his B.S. in Psychology (Neuropsychology Concentration) with a minor in biology from the Florida Institute of Technology. His general research interest is in comparative cognition. After graduation he would like to go on to a PhD program in either comparative psychology or cognitive sciences.


Advisor: Dr. Gregory Kohn


headshot of Caitlin Zarzeczny

Caitlin Zarzeczny

Research Interests:

 Caitlin received her B.A. in Psychology from New College of Florida. While at New College of Florida, she conducted undergraduate thesis research on analyzing motivations behind live streaming on Twitch by comparing needs being met via Twitch streaming versus needs being met in a Twitch streamer's face-to-face interactions. Her master's thesis investigates the connection between cognition, mental health, and engagement in health behavior in college students in the context of COVID-19. Her current research interests involve evaluating the effectiveness of intervention programs for mental health. After graduation, she plans to obtain a PhD in Clinical Psychology.


Advisor: Dr. Gabriel Ybarra


headshot of Zuleyka Hernandez

Zuleyka Hernandez

Research Interests:

Zuleyka received her undergraduate degree at the University of Central Florida. She has not yet decided on a specific research topic, but for now is looking into the establishment of sexual consent in college students. After graduation she hopes to pursue her PhD in Clinical Psychology. 


Advisor: Dr. Paul Fuglestad


Abhilasha Kumar

Research InterestsAbhilasha graduated in 2019 with a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences and a bachelor's degree in Psychology. Her thesis investigates how social media use influences eating disorders and exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the spring of 2021, Abhilasha had the opportunity to virtually present a poster at SEPA and at SOARS and received an honorable mention at SOARS. She plans on getting a second master's degree in mental health counseling after graduation. 


Advisor: Dr. Dawn Witherspoon


John Sperry IV


Research Interests: 

John received his B.S. in psychology from the University of North Florida. His research interests include the intersectional invisibility hypothesis, social dominance theory, as well as other theories of personality. His Master Thesis investigates how social class and gender moderate stereotyping and prejudice. John also uses the reverse correlation method to examine how gender moderates internal mental representations of Black people in terms of warmth, and competence. After graduating, he will pursue a Ph.D.


Advisor: Dr. Curtis Phills


headshot of Jessica Lewis

Jessica Lewis

Research Interests:

Jessica received her undergraduate degree at the University of North Florida. Her general topic of research is developmental psychology. After graduation, she plans on pursuing a doctorate degree.


Advisor: Dr. Susan Perez.

headshot of Jacqueline Miller

Jacqueline Miller

Jacqueline completed her bachelor's degree and graduated from the University of South Florida in 2018. Her primary research interests include human factors and cognitive psychology. For her thesis, she seeks to use a driving simulator to investigate the effects of modifying moral dilemma scenarios on participants when changing details like time constraints and the location of pedestrians on a road. Following her graduation, Jacqueline hopes to either work in the human factors field or further her studies by earning a PhD.


Advisor: Dr. Dong-Yuan Wang

headshot of Katelyne Griffin-Todd

Katelyne Griffin-Todd

Katelyne is interested in trauma and anxiety and its manifestation in children and teens. Her current thesis is looking at anxiety, trauma, and aggression in African American teenage girls.



Advisor: Dr. Dawn Witherspoon

headshot of Dana Arnold

Dana Arnold


Dana is interested in depression and its treatment options. Her current thesis is on chronic illness and its correlation with hopelessness and depression, and with coping as a mediator/moderator. Dana is also a member of the Center for Community Based Learning where she is practicing statistical analysis skills.


Advisor: Dr. Lori Lange


headshot of Karinna Rodriguez

Karinna Rodriguez


Karinna is currently interested in the development of children’s cognitive abilities. Her thesis focuses on the effects parental interactions have on their children’s abilities to make decisions. 

Advisor: Dr. Susan Perez


headshot of Hope Sparks

Hope Sparks

Hope sparks with a friend
Hope is currently researching perceptions of classmates based on the classmate’s disclosure of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her other research interests include the well-being of siblings of individuals with disabilities, family supports when a family member has a disability, and policy surrounding disability rights. She was invited to join a research committee this past summer with the Sibling Leadership Network, a national organization focused on the well-being of individuals who have a sibling with a developmental disability, along with different policies and rights siblings can advocate for on their family member's behalf.

Advisor: Dr. Angela Mann


headshot of Sarah Cline

Sarah Cline

Sarah is interested at looking into the effectiveness of interventions, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness for mental health issues like depression, and anxiety.  Her current thesis explores the relationship between exposure to stress and resulting levels of stress response. She will be looking at how anxiety and depression are affected by the presence of stress. In the future, Sarah hopes to further integrate the findings of her thesis into more research that connects theories of intervention to intervention in a clinical setting.


Advisor: Dr. Gabriel Ybarra 

headshot of Monique Villamor

Monique Villamor


Monique researching how developmental patterns of continuity and discontinuity apply to the experiences of food insecurity regarding food-related coping strategies and mental health outcomes. She received a Project of Merit award at the SOARS 2020 virtual conference for her poster titled "Food Insecurity as a Continuum: Investigating the Emotional Well-Being of Parents". 


Advisor: Dr. Jody Nicholson-Bell


headshot of Carly Wagner

Carly Wagner

Carly is interested in the etiology of child and adolescent psychopathology. Currently she is researching the role of self-esteem on the development of eating disorders in African American youth.  She was awarded the Project of Merit award at the SOARS 2020 conference for her poster titled “Self-Esteem and Disordered Eating in African American Youth”.



Advisor: Dr. Dawn Witherspoon 

headshot of Joannis Hermida

Yoannis Hermida

 Joannis Hermida at event  
Yoannis is interested in investigating the relationship between dynamic decision making and human error training across two computer simulated environments. After graduation she plans to later incorporate and explore the role of development on decision making and learning from childhood into adolescence in education. She attended a presentation last year for SCCR to showcase her work with Dr. Guess titled "Differences in Complex Problem-Solving: Steps Assessed with Thinking Aloud Protocols in Five Countries”. 

Advisor: Dr. Dominik Guess 



headshot of Abby Masterson

Abby Masterson



Abby at event  
Abby is interested in how personality, interpersonal interactions, and evolution impact romantic and platonic relationships. Her thesis is investigating how people with certain personality traits initiate opposite sex friendships. She was awarded the graduate research grant and presented at SSSP, SPSP, and SOARS.

Advisor: Dr. Christopher Leone