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Paul Argott

Paul Argott headshot


Faculty Bio

Associate Instructor

Phone: (904) 620-1691

Office: Building 51, Room 3415



Research Interests

Acquisition of empathetic responses in individuals with ASD; the use of schedules of reinforcement to increase and reduce behavior; the effects of teacher attention on the behavior of students in a classroom; increasing life and vocational skills of adolescents and adults with ASD


Areas of Expertise

Applied Behavior Analysis, Experimental Analysis of Behavior, Autism and Developmental Disabilities, schedules of reinforcement, reduction of disruptive and aggressive behavior, empathetic responding


Selected Publications

Seiverling, L., Anderson, K., Rogan, C., Alaimo, C., Argott, P., & Panora, J. (2018). A comparison of a behavioral feeding intervention with and without pre-meal sensory integration therapy. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. 48, 3344-3353.


Argott, P. J., Townsend, D. B., & Poulson, C. L. (2017). Acquisition and Generalization of Complex Empathetic Responses Among Children with Autism. Behavior Analysis in Practice, 10(2), 107-117.


Short Biography

Paul Argott, Ph.D., BCBA-D is a behavior analyst passionate about supporting individuals on the Autism Spectrum and with other developmental disabilities. He has been working with that population of individuals since 2003 in direct-care, supervisory, and consultative roles. Prior to coming to UNF, he served as the Clinical Director for a private school for individuals with autism from 3-21 years of age. During that time, he developed programming and worked with a team to create a curriculum of skills that could be used to prepare students for independent living and participation within the community. Dr. Argott's goals are to provide the support necessary to allow individuals with disabilities to integrate into the community as independently as possible. This includes living with minimal to no support, working and having a satisfying social life. Paul is also interested in the application of behavioral principles to explain everyday human and animal behavior with an emphasis on understanding the concurrent reinforcement schedules and how they interact to develop and maintain behavior. Personally, Dr. Argott is a father of 3 children and has been married to his wife since 2008. He enjoys coaching his daughter's softball team, watching his son play soccer, and working towards his black belt and beyond in Taekwondo with his children.



Bachelor or Arts in Psychology from Caldwell College- 2003; Master of Arts in Psychology from Queens College - 2008 PhD in Psychology with a concentration in learning processes and behavior analysis and a specialization in developmental disabilities from the City University of New York Graduate Center - 2010