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Lori Lange

Lori Lange headshot


Faculty Bio

Associate Professor

Phone: (904) 620-1638

Office: Building 51, Room 3411



Research Interests

Biobehavioral indicators of stress and PTSD, social connectedness and health, illness models, and applied psychophysiology


Areas of Expertise

Health psychology, social psychology, behavioral neuroscience, psychophysiology, chronic illness, stress and trauma


Selected Publications

Dischinger* M.T., Lange, L.J., & Behling, S. (2019). Loss of resources and demoralization in the chronically ill. General Hospital Psychiatry, 61, 10-15.


Lange, L.J., & Piette, J. D. (2006). Personal models for diabetes in context and patients' health status. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 29, 239-253.


Toussaint, L. L., Lange, L. J., Chen, W. J., Hodge, M., O'Connor, M., & Fleming, R. (2017). Controlā€Oriented Coping Buffers Stress Responses in Evacuees from a Technological Accident. Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research. doi:10.1111/jabr.12062


Short Biography

I conduct empirical research on social-mind-body issues as they apply symptom/health appraisal, stress and trauma, and health outcomes. My research often incorporates both psychological and biological measures and I have collected such somatic data as HbA1c, norepinephrine and epinephrine, heart rate variability, finger temperature, blood pressure, electrodermal activity, respiration rate, body postural and sway measures, and immunological parameters such as absolute lymphocyte, neutrophil, and monocyte counts.



"Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University School of Medicine, 1999-2000


Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, May 1999.

Major: Physiological Psychology

Minors: Social Psychology & Quantitative Methods


M.S. in Experimental Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, May 1996.


B.S. in Psychology, University of South Dakota, May 1993 (Cum Laude).

Minor: Health Services Administration."