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Heather Barnes Truelove

Heather Truelove

Faculty Bio

Associate Professor

Phone: (904) 620-1643
Office: Building 51, Room 3213

Research Interests

Environmental Behavior, Risk Perceptions, Climate Change Beliefs

Area of Expertise

Environmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Research Methods, Survey Development, Experimental Design

Selected Publications

Truelove, H. B., & Nugent, M. R. (2020). Straw wars: Pro-environmental spillover following a guilt appeal. Journal of Environmental Psychology, in press. 

Truelove, H. B., Schultz, P. W., & Gillis, A. J. (2019). Using social psychology to protect the environment. In K. C. O’Doherty & D. Hodgetts (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Psychology (pp. 491–514). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Maki, A., Carrico, A. R.*, Raimi, K. T.*, Truelove, H. B.*, Araujo, B., & Yeung, K. L. (2019). Meta-analysis of pro-environmental behaviour spillover. Nature Sustainability, 2, 307-315. *shared second authorship, order determined alphabetically

Carrico, A. R., Truelove, H. B. & Williams, N. (2019). Social capital and resilience to drought among smallholding farmers in Sri Lanka. Climatic Change, 155, 195-213.

Truelove, H. B., & Gillis, A.J. (2018). Perception of pro-environmental behaviors. Global Environmental Change, 49, 175-185."

Short Biography

I am an applied psychologist with specializations in social psychology, environmental psychology, and experimental psychology. My current research projects focus on the mechanisms underlying individual pro-environmental behavior.


Ph.D. Experimental Psychology

Washington State University

August 2009


M.A. General Psychology

University of North Florida

May 2003


B.S. Psychology

University of Florida

May 2001