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Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown headshot


Faculty Bio

Associate Professor

Office: 51/3431



Research Interests

Understanding group differences; STEM recruitment and retention;

Stereotypes and prejudice; Goals and motivation; System justification;

Social change; Educational psychology; Political psychology


Areas of Expertise

Experimental Social Psychology; Social Psychology; Psychology of Gender; Culture and Psychology; Goals and Motivation; Stereotypes and Prejudice; Social Change


Selected Publications

Wesely, J., Brown, E.R., & Phills, C.E. (2020). Words Matter: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Campus Crime Alerts and Considerations for Best Practices. The Journal of American College Health.


Kelly, J., Brown, E.R., Diekman, A.B., & Schneider, M.C. (2018). The change we believe in: The role of system threat in evaluations of black political candidates. Electoral Studies: An International Journal. doi: 10.1016/j.electstud.2018.04.008


Brown, E.R., Phills, C.E., Mercurio, D.G., Olah, M., & Veilleux, C.J. (2018). Ain't she a woman? How warmth and competence stereotypes about women and female politicians contribute to the warmth and competence traits ascribed to individual female politicians. Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, 18, 105-125. doi: 10.1111/asap.12151.


Brown, E.R., Steinberg, M., Lu, Y., & Diekman, A.B. (2017). Is the lone scientist an American Dream? Perceived communal opportunities in STEM offer a pathway to closing US-Asia gaps in interest and positivity. Social Psychological and Personality Science. doi: 10.1177/1948550617703173.


Diekman, A.B., Steinberg, M., Brown, E.R., Belanger, A.L., & Clark, E.K. (2016). A goal congruity model of role entry, engagement, and exit: Understanding communal goal processes in STEM gender gaps. Personality and Social Psychology Review. doi: 10.1177/1088868316642141.



B.A., Psychology (summa cum laude), Southeastern Louisiana University, 2006.


M.A., Social Psychology, Miami University, 2008.


Ph.D., Social Psychology, Miami University, 2011.


Certificate in College Teaching


Postdoctoral Researcher, Project CURE (The Culture of Undergraduate Research Experiences), Department of Psychology, Montana State University, 2012-2014.