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Dong-Yuan (Debbie) Wang

Dong-Yuan Debbie Wang headshot


Faculty Bio


Phone: (904) 620-1601

Office: Building 51, Room 3203


Research Interests

  • Action Selection
  • Multi-task Information Processing
  • Human Factors and Driving Performance
  • Culture & Cognition

Areas of Expertise

  • Action selection in choice response time tasks
  • Human factors issue in driving safety
  • Social/cognitive factors on decision making
  • Teaching Responsibilities include: Human Sensory Perception, Experimental Cognitive Psychology, Human factors & ergonomic 


  • PhD, 2004 Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
  • MS, 2001 Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
  • BS, 1992 JiLin University, China

Short Biography

My primary interests focus on two broad areas: applied and basic fields. for the applied area, I am interested in human cognition and performance, especially in the topic of action selection and control, multiple-task performance, human factors and driving performance, and culture & decision-making and reasoning. For the basic area, I am interested in attention processing, multi-task information processing, and action selection.

Selected Publications

  • Rousis, G., Richard, D. F., & Wang, D-Y. D. (in press). The Truth is Out There: The Prevalence of Conspiracy Theory Use by Radical Violent Extremist Organizations. Terrorism and Political Violence.
  • Wang, D-Y. D. , Richard, F.D., Cino, C.R., Blount, T., & Schmuller, J. (2017). Bipedal vs. unipedal: A comparison between one-foot and two-foot driving in a driving simulator. Ergonomics, DOI:
  • Wang, D-Y. D., Richard, F. D. & Ray, B. (2016). Stimulus-response correspondence effect as a function of temporal overlap between relevant and irrelevant stimulus processing. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 69, 1648-1656.
  • Wang, D-Y. D., Jimson, Z., Richard, D. F., & Chuan, C.H. (2015). Effect of listening to music as a function of driving complexity: A stimulator study on the differing effect of music on different driving tasks. Proceedings of the 8th International Driving Symposium on Human Factors in Driver Assessment, Training, and Vehicle Design, 8, 253-259.
  • Zhang, P. Y., Wang, D-Y. D., Owen, C. (2015). A Study of Entrepreneurial Intention of University Students. Entrepreneurship Research Journal, 5, 61-82.