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Curtis Phills

Curtis Phills


Faculty Bio

Assistant Professor

Phone: (904) 620-2807

Office: Building 51, Room 3404

Areas of Expertise

Social Psychology, Social Cognition, Attitudes, Prejudice, Stereotyping, Discrimination


Ph.D., Psychology, York University (2012)

M.A., Psychology, York University (2006)

B.A. (Honors), Psychology, York University (2004)


My program of research is primarily driven by three questions:
What types of biases (including prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination) are present in our society?
How are these biases related to one another?
How can we reduce them?

I am also interested in how biases develop and their impact on people beyond discrimination. For example, how is my self-concept, how I think of myself, affected by the biases people around me have against groups I belong to? How do the biases I have about other groups influence my self-concept? I've used social-psychological, social-cognitive, and psychophysiological methodologies to explore these questions.