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student in psychology studying a book

C. Dominik Güss

 C Dominik Guess 2016 b 

Faculty Bio


Phone: (904) 620-1634

Office: Building 51, Room 3106


Research Interests

• Complex problem solving and dynamic decision making (funded by NSF and Humboldt Foundation) 

• Virtual environments, microworlds
• Planning and Creativity (funded by European Commission)
• Metacognition: Unconscious versus conscious processing
• Cross-cultural research and cultural influences on cognition
• Disaster management
• Risky business decision making
• Suicide terrorism



Areas of Expertise

I am teaching or have taught: Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Cognitive Psychology, Computer Applications in Psychological Research, Culture and Psychology, Professional Oppoertunities in Psychology, Organizational Behavior. Dr. Guess is on the editorial board of three scientific journals: Journal of Dynamic Decision Making, Frontiers in Psychology - Cultural Psychology, and Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression


Selected Publications

Güss, C. D., Ahmed, S., & Dörner, D. (2020). From Da Vinci’s flying machines to a theory of the creative process. Perspectives in Psychological Science. IF = 8.19 in 2018 Güss, C. D., Hauth, D., Wiltsch, F., Carbon, C. C., Schütz, A., & Wanninger, K. (2018). Patience in everyday life: Three field studies in France, Germany, and Romania. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 49, 355-380.
Güss, C. D., Tuason, M. T., Göltenboth, N., & Mironova, A. (2018). Creativity through the eyes of professional artists in Cuba, Germany, and Russia. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology,49, 261–289.
Donovan, S., & Güss, C. D., & Naslund, D. (2015). Improving dynamic decision making through training and self-reflection. Judgment and Decision Making, 10, 284-295.
Dörner, D., & Güss, C. D. (2013). PSI: A computational architecture of cognition, motivation, and emotion. Review of General Psychology, 17, 297-317.
Güss, C. D., Tuason, M. T., & Gerhard, C. (2010). Cross-national comparisons of complex problem-solving strategies in two microworlds. Cognitive Science, 34(3), 489-520.
Güss, C. D., Tuason, M. T., & Teixeira, V. (2007). A cultural-psychological theory of contemporary Islamic martyrdom. Journal of the Theory of Social Behaviour, 37(4), 415-445

Short Biography

My passion is to study how people in different countries think, solve problems, and master difficult situations creatively. In my free time, I like to surf the waves of the Atlantic ocean.


B.A. (Vordiplom), Psychology, University of Bamberg, 1992.

M.A. (Diplom), Social Psychology, University of Bamberg, 1996.

Ph.D., Psychology (Specialization in Cross-Cultural and Cognitive Psychology), University of Bamberg, 2000.