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Dr. Christie Natasha and a student in lab

Why should I be a Political Science Major?

Political Science Majors receive “the specific information and skills to become an effective member of your community and participant in civic life.” You will learn about your community, your state, your nation and the world at large through our courses.

Some of the skills you should improve upon in political science courses include:

  • Presentation of Ideas Clearly in both Written and Oral Communication 
  • Effective Debating and Critical Thinking 
  • Ability to Interpret and Analyze Data 
  • Ability to Effectively Summarize Findings (Critical Skill for Employers.) 
  • Ability to Assess Options and Propose Alternatives 
  • Knowledge of Other Nations and Their Cultures 
  • Opportunities to Exhibit Leadership and Team Building Skills

SOURCE: Careers and The Study of Political Science. American Political Science Association, Sixth Edition 2003.