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Dr. Christie Natasha and a student in lab

Political Science Major

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science

Political Science, the study of politics, is concerned with understanding political phenomena and developing citizens who are aware of their political rights and responsibilities. The political science major at UNF has three broad objectives. The first is to convey to students knowledge about the subfields within the discipline, with an emphasis on American government and politics, comparative politics, international relations, and public administration. The second is to provide students with the skills needed for active and effective participation in the democratic process. The final objective is to prepare students for careers associated with politics.

The political science major provides an excellent background for admission to law school and is a solid foundation for graduate work in political science, public administration, and urban planning. In addition to preparing students for graduate work, the conceptual and methodological skills developed in the major equip students for employment by local, state, and national organizations, corporations, and nonprofit groups located in the U.S. and foreign countries, international organizations such as the United Nations, the print and electronic media, and secondary education.

After completion of core requirements, students may take their major electives in one of five concentrations:

  • General Political Science
  • American Politics
  • International Relations & Comparative Politics
  • Public Law
  • Public Administration & Public Policy

Getting Started

Students should take:

Major Courses

All Political Science Majors are required to take 6 core classes, beginning with:

Students can also use their 12 hours of electives to concentrate in a particular area. The core requirements and concentrations can be found in the Program of Study section (above right.)