Scott Kornegay
Scott Kornegay

MPA Graduated Spring 2011

Current Employment: City Manager, City of Keystone Heights, FL

Retired JFRD Lieutenant, Project Manager and Administrative Officer

The MPA program at UNF not only taught me how to apply the base of knowledge I gained in an undergraduate program, it also set me apart from other candidates when I was pursuing my second career as a city manager. As an administrative officer at JFRD and as city manager of Keystone Heights I routinely draw upon my experience at UNF when conducting research, crafting policy or considering organizational changes. I can't imagine enjoying the level of success I've had here in Keystone Heights without having the formal training I received at UNF.

Alex Pellom Alex Pellom

MPA Graduated in  2014 with a BA in Political Science

Current Employment: Emergency Manager for City of Cleveland. 

Alex Pellom is a graduate of Western Carolina University (B.S. Communications) and the University of North Florida (Masters in Public Administration). During Mr. Pellom’s time in the MPA program, he was a Madison Mulling Demming scholarship recipient and served as a research assistant to Dr. Mary Borg.  

In 2014, Mr. Pellom was honored in Philadelphia by the National Homeland Security Association at their annual conference with the Public Awareness Campaign Award. 

Alex plays a lead role in many emergency management activities that include preparedness, prevention, response, recovery, and mitigation in an all-hazards environment. He manages, operates and maintains the City of Cleveland Emergency Operations Center (EOC) & Joint Information Center (JIC). Activates & coordinates EOC staffing in the event of an emergency, disaster, or planned event. When not working to improve the City of Cleveland’s preparedness and response, Alex works in the emergency management consulting field for AMEC Foster Wheeler.  One notable project completed by him and other team members involved training and preparing the District of Columbia’s Emergency Operations Center  in best practices prior to the 2012 Presidential Inauguration.  

During his tenure at Duval County Emergency Management, Alex led the charge in many areas of study.  In 2010, he served on the team that helped Duval County EM become the first local emergency management program in the world to be EMAP reaccredited.  Also, authored 90+ current plans used during incidents.  Notable plans include County-Wide Evacuation, Bulk Distribution, Donations Management, and the Terrorism Hazard Specific Plan.  During his tenure Pellom was also selected to serve as a member of the State of Florida’s premier Incident Management Teams.  


Jennifer Stokman

Jennifer Stockman

MPA Graduate | 1995 with a BA in Political Science with a Minor in History

I've been in social services and child welfare for over 10 years, most of that time with the Department of Children and Families. I  have had the pleasure of working on many programs to improve the lives of Jacksonville's citizens, and in 2009 was selected as one of Jacksonville Business Journal's 40 Under 40 for my work in the community. When I joined the program, I was the lead investigator for the child fatality and critical injury unit at DCF. After completing my Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management, I joined Family Support Services, where I am now a trainer, specializing in the State's new child welfare practice model. When I made the transition from government to nonprofit, my agency was impressed with the skills I was bringing from the program. I am also passionate about animal causes, and the skills learned in the MPA program allowed me to join the advisory board as the grant writer for the Friends of Jacksonville Animals, a nonprofit founded to support the City's animal shelter. 


The MPA program (and nonprofit track) allowed me to better understand the agencies I have worked for; it has also improved my knowledge base extensively. Instead of only focusing on certain subjects, the program exposed me to many different aspects of both nonprofit and public management that I would have not received anywhere else - every part of the program was easily applicable to real-world situations and experiences. I've also had the pleasure of making wonderful friends and connections within the program that are simply invaluable!


Kenna Hardaway  Kenna Hardaway

MPA Graduate | Spring 2016 with a concentration in Health Administration
BA in Sociology from Baylor University | 2010

Following my undergraduate career, my husband's career brought us to the Jacksonville area where I had few connections and struggled to find a career that I felt provided true meaning.  The UNF Masters of Public Administration program opened doors and provided an engaging experience beyond my expectations.  The MPA professors are extremely supportive and are what make this program special.

The program not only expanded my knowledge of Public Administration, but also helped me find a fulfilling career path in Healthcare Information Technology, ensuring the healthcare professionals are aware of, and adhere to new regulations in this rapidly changing arena.  The Masters of Public Administration program has provided the skills and knowledge I needed to succeed, and was an experience I would never give up, and will never forget. 



 Kimberlee Logan
Kimberlee Logan

MPA Graduate | Spring 2014
B.S. in Psychology and Criminology from Eastern Michigan University | Spring 2009


Worked as an Operations Manager for KIPP Jacksonville from July 2013-December 2015. Currently I work with The New Teacher Project, Inc. (TNTP) as a Program Associate for the Legal and Business Development Operations team where I provide strategic project management, manage the life cycle of all contracts, and conduct analytical analyses of our revenue pipeline.

My UNF-MPA experience was absolutely amazing. If I could have taken more courses with Dr. Candler, I would have. His dedication to making me a professional writer really pushed me to perform at my best. I know that my experiences in the program have aided me in being the professional I am now.

TNTP's Website (


Souto Albert Souto

MPA Graduate | Fall 2010
Bachelors in Political Science with a minor in Public Administration | Fall 2008 


My active involvement in Student Government and the support I received from the Faculty of the UNF Department of Political Science afforded me countless opportunities to pursue a fulfilling career in the field of Public Administration.

The week I graduated from UNF, I was fortunate to have started working in the Budget Office for the City of Jacksonville.  In this role I had the privilege of working with City Administration officials in crafting the annual operating and capital budgets for the City. Since my time in the Budget Office I have worked directly for the CFO of the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA).  At the JTA I had the incredibly unique experience of working with the Authority to help secure re-extension of the Local Option Gas Tax, a significant revenue source for the JTA, for 20 years.

Currently I serve as the Public Works Budget Manager for the City of Jacksonville.  In this role I am responsible for analyzing and managing the expenditures and revenues of our operating and capital budgets.  Working for a department which significantly impacts the lives of our City’s residents has provided me with a “front row seat” in witnessing government work positively affecting the lives of the Citizens we serve. 

The coursework offered in the program, coupled with the personal attention from the Faculty, provided me with a solid foundation on which I have been able to build my career.  I am honored and proud to call myself and Osprey. SWOOP!


Christina Leonard Christina Smith

MPA Graduate | 2014
BA History and Anthropology | 2007


 The UNF Master of Public Administration program supported and fueled my desire to serve in the nonprofit industry. I found that flexible course schedules, small class sizes, and experienced and passionate professors combined to create the perfect learning environment. I was able to excel in my studies while working full-time for a local nonprofit museum, where I put the new nonprofit administration concepts I was learning into practice.  



A few months after graduation, I accepted a fundraising position at Wounded Warrior Project (, a veteran-serving nonprofit organization with a national reach. I know that earning my degree from the UNF MPA program made me a stronger and more qualified candidate. Today, I am able to use the knowledge and experience imparted to me by my amazing MPA professors to raise money to fuel programs that save lives. 

 Corey Williams
Corey Williams

MPA Graduate | Spring 2016
BA Sociology with a minor in Philosophy | 2006


Interesting past jobs:

Videographer/Independent Film Director- Tiger Paw Productions and Special events 2001-2006

Radio personality/Producer for Clear Channel  August 2004-2006

Native English Teacher Ulsan, South Korea August 2008-November 2010

Senior Academic Advisor- University of North Florida March 2012- May 2016


Experience with the UNF MPA Program.


I was never a strong student in my undergraduate degree, I had many interests and it was difficult to hone in on where I could thrive. I attempted another graduate program before the UNF MPA program and I was not successful. Dr. Candler gave me an opportunity to enter the MPA program at UNF and it was the best decision that I have ever made. All of the faculty in the program are so passionate about what they do and there was not one course that I didn't enjoy or was able to learn a lot taking. The content of the courses were difficult but I feel as if I learned so much and everything that I have learned has prepared me for my future in nonprofit management or local government. I would like to thank Dr. Candler and everyone involved in the UNF MPA program. If you want a challenge, and want to learn, the UNF MPA program will prepare you for anything. Professional Website Linkedin (


 Paul Boysen
Paul Boysen

MPA Graduated | Spring 2014
BS Political Science | 2003


 I am still teaching in Duval County (; the same position I held prior to enrolling in the program. Other than that, I'm have remained in the same profession since graduation.   

  Joshua Rose
Joshua Rose

MPA Graduated | Spring 2014
BS Management from U.S. Coast Guard Academy | 2002

LCDR Josh Rose assumed the duty of the Critical Infrastructure Branch Chief within the Office of Port & Facility Compliance at Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC, in the summer of 2014. His office oversees and directs policy formulation and field guidance for cyber risk management and critical infrastructure security activities. His office also oversees the Port Security Specialist Program within the Coast Guard, developing policy and supporting 116 Port Security Specialists all over the nation. Prior to this assignment, LCDR Rose served at Coast Guard units in Jacksonville, Florida and Mobile, Alabama, in which he worked mainly in the vessel inspections divisions and waterways management divisions.


LCDR Rose graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Management and from University of North Florida in 2014 with a Master of Art in Public Administration. His time spent at the University of North Florida allowed him to understand the different dynamics that are involved in the policy discussions and follow-on actions, including understanding the diversity of equities involved and bringing groups together for a common purpose. His studies also enabled him to further understand the differences of military policy and public policy, which has served him well in his position of bringing private and public partners together to promote cyber risk awareness in the maritime transportation system.


Julia Kalinski Julia Kalinski

I began my pursuit of a Masters in Public Administration seven years after receiving my bachelor’s in Psychology and Social Welfare from the University of North Florida. I spent those seven years growing my experience by working in foster care and independent living programs at Daniel Kids. I spent time in homes of people from all cultures and backgrounds. I testified and advocated on behalf of the vulnerable and made some very difficult decisions to sometimes choose safety over family. Through experience and the application of learned skills my role grew from direct care case management to administration. The MPA professors took stock in their students and challenged us to stretch our comfort zones and improve our writing and public speaking abilities. The professors also showed great respect for our time and investment by providing online learning opportunities to help balance classes with ongoing careers. 

Currently I serve as the Director of Health Information Management for Daniel Kids. In this role I managed a full conversion of paper charts to Electronic Health Records (EHR) throughout agency clinical programs, streamlined the reporting of outcome measures and led the green initiative to begin recycling in agency offices. I recently accepted a new role at Daniel Kids as the Director of Resource Development for the foundation. In this role I will oversee volunteer management and special event fundraisers and cultivate relationships with key donors and stakeholders. I am excited to begin a new journey and feel confident and prepared for success thanks to my experience and solid educational foundation. 

The overarching goal I plan to accomplish is to never stop learning, growing, and serving. I believe that all great leaders must always have the capacity to learn from and serve the very people they are leading. I can honestly say that the MPA has helped me obtain the skills and confidence needed to enhance my career in nonprofit leadership and truly understand all of the important aspects of public service.      

Sarah Cambell Sarah Campbell

Previous degree: BS Architectural Studies University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Current work: Assistant Town Manager/Town Clerk - Orange Park

Previous: Legal Assistant at Kopelousos & Bradley 

MPA Experience: I found the program to be completely fulfilling. My experience was a bit backward in that I had a public sector job before I had the public sector education. This endeavor was to bolster my current career and to prepare me for future advancement. With many night meetings, I took one course at a time which took five years, but allowed me to focus on one subject at a time and meet a great number of classmates along the way. I was encouraged toward the UNF program by a mentor. The program stands out among others in the area. I was not disappointed. Town's website (

Denise Foster Denise Foster

UNF Degree - Not sure how you want to address the Nonprofit Management certificate.  Technically I received a certificate in Nonprofit Management in 2014 and my MPA in 2015.

American University – BA in Public Communications, Justice Minor

College of Southern Maryland – AA in Public Communications

Moving to Jacksonville as a military spouse transformed my career goals in ways I would have never guessed.  Starting my “career” in volunteering for nonprofits, I soon discovered the MPA program with a Nonprofit Concentration at UNF and knew it was a perfect fit.  The coursework opened my eyes to the world of nonprofits and how diverse it could be.  During this time, I was also hired as an Associate Director at a Florida nonprofit and my path was confirmed. 

After graduation, I relocated to Maryland and began working as part of the Strategic Leadership Support team for Vice Adm. Paul Grosklags at the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR).  I am now part of the daily activities and decisions that affect the future of Naval Aviation. 

Relocating to a small town after graduation presented me with a challenge.  With the lack of opportunities to work in the nonprofit sector, I needed to figure out a different way forward so I started my own consulting business to help nonprofits.  DKFoster Services, LLC. ( is my company, and I am doing my best to make an impact on the community.  As my start-up grows, I plan to use the amazing resources within the military spouse community.  This will allow me to not only help local nonprofits, but talented spouses that are often looking for employment due to deployments or relocation.


All of my efforts would never have been possible without the inspiration of UNF, specifically the MPA program.  I am not exaggerating when I say it completely changed my life and I will always value the time I spent on campus, with my classmates and with my outstanding professors.

Andrew Hopkins Andrew Hopkins

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management and Business Administration

Masters degree in Public Administration, with a focus in Local Government, in 2013


Current - Assistant Director of the University of North Florida Public Opinion Research Lab.

(2010 -2011) Intern Jacksonville Civic Council - Medical/Life Sciences Task Force 


After receiving my bachelors in business and working in media relations throughout my undergrad, I entered the MPA program without a political science background.  With a mind geared to think in terms of the private sector and business administration, I quickly found value within the course load, learning about the expanding and changing roles that exist between the private, public and non-profit sectors. In addition to the challenging and relevant course topics, I instantly connected with my professors, as they mentored me through the vast range of career opportunities, landing me an internship with the Jacksonville Civic Council and my current full-time position as the assistant director of the University of North Florida Public Opinion Research Lab (PORL).

Siddika Oztekin  Siddika Oztekin

Graduation year 2015 with a MPA in Public Administration and Minor in Public Policy.

As I was an international student at UNF, first I felt that what I am doing here. Whenever I felt down, my advisor, teachers, tutors and all my friends made me feel comfortable like at home. During the UNF MPA program, I learned how analytic thinking is, how to participate the different views of people and to respect their decisions.

After graduating from UNF, I came back Turkey and I will start working University of Mus as an assistant professor.  Now I feel that this program at UNF is chance to apply on my job. I will teach and show this aspects of UNF and MPA Program to my new students and I guess they are going to be lucky as I am.       

 Thomas Bozzuto

Thomas Bozzuto

Thomas M. Bozzuto, M.P.A., 

Previous degree B.A. Political Science, Business minor in 2001 from UNF
Currently the Development Associate for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Florida

Statement: I could not have dreamed of a better experience than my time in the M.P.A. program at UNF.  The faculty was amazing in the knowledge and service they provided.  I could not have attained the dream job I have today without the help of Dr. Candler and Dr. Dumont.

Trey Gowdy Trey Gowdy

Master of Arts, Public Administration (2013) and Bachelor of Arts, Political Science (2012)-UNF


The UNF MPA Program has been instrumental in my career development. I am a Sustainability Project Coordinator with the Leading by Example Program at the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. In this role within state government, our team works to advance clean energy efforts and sustainable practices across state agencies and public higher-education campuses in Massachusetts. I have also worked in higher-education sustainability, working directly at the campus-level on sustainability topics. In both of these public administration roles, the experience and skills developed from the UNF MPA program have been and continue to be important. I’m proud to be a graduate of the UNF MPA Program, thanks to the excellent faculty and the close campus community.