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Graduating students of 2017 Spring

MPA Internships

Internship Requirement

An internship is required for pre-service students entering the program, though waivers are possible. If an internship is required, five electives plus the internship will be required in addition to the core program courses. If an internship is not required, an additional elective will be required. All students, except those who have met Fast Track, must take 42 hours to complete the program. The need for an internship for any individual student is determined in consultation with the MPA Director, usually on admission to the program.

Details for PAD6946 Internship in Public Administration can be found by contacting Dr. Borg (, the internship coordinator for the Department of Political Science and Public Administration.


Though coordinated by Dr. Borg within the MPA program, to be accepted by a government agency, business, or nonprofit, you need to contact the agency with your resume and see if they have availability. You are expected to be professional in your interaction with the agency, starting with this initial contact and subsequent interview. Likewise, the agency should be professional with you as well. You need to be registered by the end of drop/add week.


Once you are accepted, you have some forms and waivers to fill out at the Political Science Department office - Building 51/2412. At this point, you will be given permission to register for the internship course. You are expected to work 250-300 hours during the semester, and complete assignments indicated in the PAD6946 syllabus. 


Recent internship placements have included Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department, Senator Marco Rubio's office, Beaches Watch, March of Dimes, imethods, American Red Cross, Rick Mullaney for Mayor campaign, the Northeast Florida Regional Council, United Way of St. Johns County, Jacksonville Public Libraries, and Jacksonville Civic Council. Internships have also been available with the PACE Center for Girls, the Jacksonville Ballet Theatre, the Emergency Services and Homeless Coalition of Jacksonville, Planned Parenthood of Northeast Florida, and the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida.