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Circular room with a Government meeting being held

Once you have your internship:

  1. When you have a possible internship, confirm formally and preferably in writing the terms and timetable of your internship.
  2. Contact: Dr. Borg
  3. Register for first week of semester!
  4. Forms & waivers must be filled out and brought back to UNF Political Science Department office (PSPA) - Building 51/2412
  5. Information for internship forms (Undergrad and Grad):
  6. If given permission, register for the internship course.
  7. Ask for an evaluation letter from your supervisor.
  8. Complete a written summary of your internship work.
  9. Internship credit are good for 3 Academic Credit Hours unless otherwise discussed.
  10. Any problems during the internship should be brought to the immediate attention of your UNF contact. Don't let problems fester. We are here to help!
  11. Enjoy and have a great career.