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Faculty Bio

Izabela Majewska

Visiting Instructor

Phone: (904) 620-2434

Office: 51/2118 


Areas of Expertise

American Government,International Relations Theory,State And Local Government



Doctorate in Education/ College Teaching, Learning and Leadership- Walden University- September 2018


Master of Arts in Political Science and UN Studies- Long Island University- May 2012


Bachelor of Arts in International Studies- Fordham University- May 2010



Professor Majewska has been working in higher education for almost a decade. Professor M, as she is called by her students, immigrated to the United States from Poland over twenty years ago on the exact day of her 11th birthday. Till this day, she considers this to be her best birthday present ever as she has been given wonderful personal, educational, and professional opportunities that she believes no other country in the world could have granted her.


She lives in Jacksonville, Florida, having moved from New York six years ago. She has been teaching both online and onsite for the last 9 year.  She teaches courses in Political Science including Introduction to American Government, Issues in State and Local Government, and Introduction to International Relations. 


She's always been fascinated with the workings of national entities and the international community. Living in as culturally diverse nation as America and being a Polish immigrant, has in a large way influenced that interest. This prompted her to pick international studies as her area of concentration as an undergraduate student at Fordham University. There, she not only furthered her education of foreign languages but also learned about Latin America and the politics of the region. Her studies, along with simply being a student in a culturally rich environment like the Big Apple, further impressed on her the idea that cultural affairs and specifically fostering cultural diversity is vital for the proper working of any culturally diverse institution and/or national entity.


Thus, she decided on doing her masters in political science and taking part in the United Nations Certificate Program at Long Island University. The political science track extensively informed her about the complex workings of the international community and the way that conflict, state interest and state sovereignty in the international community influence the way international relations play out. The United Nations track, in turn, offered her the opportunity to analyze in depth the various main bodies of the UN and the way that non-governmental organizations and civil society, at large, influence domestic and foreign policy. As part of the program she paid especially close attention to how the issue of human rights is being addresses at the UN and the international community at large. 


Besides her academic background and internship experience gained during her years of study, her work experience also significantly rooted her in political science. She had the opportunity to work for Congressman Michael McMahon as well as for St. Stanislaus Kostka Church on Staten Island, NY. Working for Congressman McMahon gave her a hands on experience in the state and national law-making process in the U.S. and showed her the positive and negative sides of working in the political arena. At St. Stanislaus, having extensively worked with Polish immigrants, she was able to see the further need for reform in many areas of NY immigration policy. This job also made her realize how crucial cultural places of gathering for any community are to the survival of individual ethnicities. 


Besides her bachelors and masters degrees, she obtained her doctoral degree in Higher Teaching and Learning from Walden University. This intense doctoral program deeply rooted her in her decision to be a lifelong teacher for the sake of sharing her gained knowledge and wisdom of political science with future generations. 



Florida State College Distinguished Adjunct Faculty Award 2019 Finalist



American Political Science Association 2016- Present


United Nations Association of the United States 2015 – Present


World Affairs Council of Jacksonville 2018-Present