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faculty and staff for PORL outside of the coas building

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UNF's polling lab shows why it's just so hard to get an accurate poll

[Florida Times-Union, 11/02/18]

Public Opinion Research Lab Uses ACS Data to Conduct Accurate Polls

[United States Census Bureau, 10/18/18]

Behind the scenes: UNF Opinion research lab takes the pulse of voters in tense political times

[First Coast News, 9/21/18]

Will Florida's Ex-Felons Finally Regain the Right to Vote?

[New York Times, 9/26/18]

Florida Statewide Poll

UNF Poll: Most Voters Approve Of DeSantis, Support Legal Marijuana

[WJCT, 10/24/19]

Poll shows support for Gov. DeSantis , recreational marijuana, and immigration database

[News4Jax, 10/24/19]

Ron DeSantis in Great Shape With Florida Voters According to UNF Poll

[Florida Daily, 10/24/19]

Poll: Young Floridians want Trump impeached; older Floridians don't. But nearly everyone favors Trump over Pence

[Florida Times-Union, 10/22/19]

UNF poll shows Florida voters split over President Trump impeachment inquiry

[News4Jax, 10/22/19]

UNF Poll Of Florida Voters On Trump Impeachment Inquiry And 2020 Election

 [WJCT, 10/22/19]

Poll: Biden and Warren both beat Trump and Pence in Florida

[The Hill, 10/22/19] 

Impeach Trump? Florida voters are very divided, new poll finds

[Tampa Bay Times The Buzz, 10/22/19]

UNF Poll: Florida Voters Conflicted Over Potential Trump Impeachment

 [WLRN, 10/23/19]

Florida voters divided by Trump impeachment inquiry, poll says

[Wesh2 News, 10/23/19]

Poll: Floridians feeling strongly about impeachment--for and against

 [Florida Politics, 10/22/19] 

Florida Poll shows clear political divisions over impeachment inquiry

[WOKV, 10/22/19]  

Poll: Marco Rubio more popular than Rick Scott

[Florida Politics, 3/4/19]

UNF Poll: Gov. DeSantis approval at 60 percent

[The Florida Times-Union, 3/4/19]

UNF Poll: DeSantis In Voter Honeymoon Period; Marijuana Legalization Support Strong

[WJCT, 3/4/19]

UNF Poll: Most approve of Gov. DeSantis' job performance

[News4Jax, 3/4/19]

DeSantis riding high with start of first legislative session

[FlaNews Online, 3/4/19]

Ron DeSantis in Excellent Shape with Florida Voters as Legislative Session Begins

[Florida Daily, 3/4/19]

UNF Poll shows Governor DeSantis has a 60 percent approval rate

[Spinnaker, 3/4/19]

Sunburn: The morning read of what's hot in Florida politics

[Florida Politics, 3/4/19]

Independents will decide Florida's statewide elections, but polling them is tricky

[Miami Herald, 11/02/18]

Poll: Gillum leads DeSantis by 6 points in Florida

[The Hill, 10/30/18]

UNF poll: Gillum 49, DeSantis 43; Nelson 47, Scott 46; Amendment 4 up; Amendment 9 down

[Florida Times-Union, 10/30/18]

Gillum holds lead in latest UNF poll, Nelson maintains a slim advantage

[The Capitolist, 10/30/18]

Down to the wire: Florida poll shows Nelson-Scott and DeSantis-Gillum races too close to call

[Sun Sentinel. 10/30/18]

UNF Poll pulls Gillum ahead of DeSantis in Governor race

[First Coast News, 10/30/18]

UNF Poll: Gillum leads. Senate race tight

[FLA News, 10/30/18]

UNF poll: Gillum leading DeSantis in governor's race

[News4Jax, 10/30/18]

Poll: Bill Nelson clings to 1-point lead on Rick Scott

[Florida Politics, 10/30/18]

Poll: Amendment 4 poised to pass; Amendment 9 doomed to fail

[Florida Politics, 10/30/18]

Gillum leads DeSantis in UNF poll; Scott and Nelson locked in tight race

[Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 10/30/18]

Gillum Leads DeSantis In New UNF Poll; Rick Scott And Bill Nelson Senate Race A Toss-Up

[WJCT, 10/30/18]

Bill Nelson, Rick Scott Neck and Neck in New UNF Poll

[Sunshine State News, 10/30/18]

Andrew Gillum Ahead of Ron DeSantis in UNF Poll

[Sunshine State News, 10/30/18]

The Florida Senate race may be moving away from Republican Rick Scott

[CNN, 9/29/18]

Poll: Gillum leads DeSantis by 4 points in Florida

[The Hill, 9/24/18]

Poll: Andrew Gillum leads DeSantis by 4; Rick Scott and Bill Nelson tied

[Tampa Bay Times, 9/24/18]

UNF poll: Gillum edging DeSantis, Nelson and Scott tied

[Politico, 9/24/18]

Latest UNF poll: Gillum has slight lead over DeSantis; Nelson and Scott tied

[First Coast News, 9/24/18]

UNF Poll: Gillum Leads In Governor's Race; Nelson, Scott tied

[WJCT, 9/24/18]

Gillum running ahead of DeSantis in new UNF poll

[Florida Times-Union; 9/24/18]

UNF Public Opinion Research Lab released survey results on Floridian voting opinions and possible preferences

[Spinnaker, 9/24/18]

Photo finish? Bill Nelson, Rick Scott in dead heat, new UNF poll says

[Florida Politics, 9/24/18]

'It's still early': Andrew Gillum leads Ron DeSantis 47% to 43% in new UNF poll

[Florida Politics, 9/24/18]

UNF poll finds Gillum 4 points ahead of DeSantis

[News4Jax, 9/24/18]

New Florida poll: Gillum edging DeSantis; Nelson and Scott tied

[Post on Politics, 9/24/18]

UNF Poll: Gillum leads governor's race, Senate race tied

[FLA News, 9/24/18]

UNF Poll Finds Gillum With Slight Lead Over DeSantis; Nelson and Scott Tied Among Likely Voters

[Space Coast Daily; 9/24/18]

UNF poll shows Floridians support Amendment 4 to restore voting rights to those with felony records

[Florida Phoenix, 9/24/18]

Andrew Gillum Ahead of Ron DeSantis; Rick Scott and Bill Nelson Tied in New Poll

[Sunshine State News, 9/24/18]

The Involuntary Commitment of Youth from School & the Role of School Psychologists

[Leader 2 Leader, 2/28/18]

President Trump's Surprisingly Great Poll Numbers

[National Review, 02/14/2018]

5 things to know about the new University of North Florida poll

[News4Jax, 02/13/2018]

UNF poll shows that Florida residents don't know who is running for governor

[Spinnaker, 02/12/2018]

The Delegation for 2.9.18 - Insights from the Beltway to the Sunshine State

[Florida Politics, 02/09/2018]

UNF Poll; Mrs. Warren's Profession; Friday Musicale Fundraiser

[WJCT, 02/08/2018]

Bill Nelson leads Rick Scott in new Senate race survey

[Florida Politics, 02/07/2018]

In dueling Florida Senate polls, Nelson either takes a lead or is tied with Scott

[Politico Florida, 02/07/2018]

Bill Nelson bests Rick Scott and Floridians approve of Robert Mueller, not Trump

[Florida Times-Union, 02/07/2018]

2 polls find Senate race between Scott, Nelson tightens

[News4Jax, 02/07/2018]

Rick Scott's improving public image could make a Senate run more likely

[Herald Tribune, 02/07/2018]

New poll shows improving job approval ratings for Marco Rubio, Donald Trump

[Florida Politics, 02/07/2018]

Senate stuns with two-year spending deal

[Fox News, 02/07/2018]

Two New Polls Show Tight Race in Florida … If Scott Jumps In

[NTK Network, 02/07/2018]

Nelson leads over Scott in Florida Senate Race, UNF poll shows

[Spinnaker, 02/07/2018]

No censure for Jax Councilors Katrina Brown, Reggie Gaffney

[Florida Politics, 10/24/2017]

New poll pegs Bill Nelson vs. Rick Scott as a dead heat

[Florida Politics, 10/24/2017]

City Of St. Augustine To Add 'Context' To Confederate Memorial

[WOKV, 10/24/2017]

Donald Trump net approval rating upside down in Florida

[Florida Politics, 10/24/2017]

Trump at 37 percent approval in new Florida poll

[Herald Tribune, 10/24/2017]

Bill Nelson, Rick Scott virtually tied in new Florida Senate poll

[Palm Beach Coast, 10/24/2017]

Bill Nelson leads Rick Scott by 1 point in 2018 Senate race: Florida poll

[Washington Examiner, 10/24/2017]

Senate race between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson appears to be a virtual tie

[Miami Herald, 10/ 24/ 2017]

UNF releases poll on assault weapons and campus carry

[Action News Jax, 10/17/2017]

Morning Digest: National Democrats return to Florida and drop seven figures on Marco Rubio

[DailyKos, 10/28/2016]

New University Of North Florida Poll Shows Clinton, Rubio And Amendment 2 Hold Leads In Florida

[Newswise, 10/28/2016]

Florida poll: Clinton 46, Trump 44

[ (blog), 10/27/16]

PolitiFact Fact-Checks Murphy's 'Wishful' Claim That It Had Debunked Attacks Against Him

[The Washington Free Beacon, 10/28/16]

Tia Mitchell: Clinton's Florida strategy differs from Obama's

[The Florida Times-Union, 10/28/16]

Clinton leads by 4 and Rubio by 6 in new Florida poll

[Politico, 10/27/16]

How strong ground game, young Hispanics lift Clinton in Florida

[The Hill (blog), 10/27/16]

UNF Poll: Clinton Edging Out Trump in Florida

[Sunshine State News, 10/27/16]

UNF poll shows Clinton holds a slight lead over Trump in Florida

[First Coast News, 10/27/16]

UNF poll: Clinton leads Trump in 4-way race

[WJXT Jacksonville, 10/27/16]

Latest polls offer mixed results for Clinton, Trump

[MSNBC, 10/27/16]

2016 Florida President - Clinton 46%, Trump 44

[Huffington Post, 10/27/16]


[The Washington Post, 10/27/16]

UNF poll: In two-way race, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump too close to call

[Florida Politics, 10/27/16]

UNF Poll: Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump in Florida

[Florida Times-Union, 10/27/16]

Poll shows medical marijuana amendment at 73% support

[Florida Politics, 10/27/16]

Marco Rubio 49%, Patrick Murphy 43% according to new UNF poll

[Florida Politics, 10/27/16]

Trump Pulls With in Striking Distance In Head-To-Head Florida Matchup

[The Daily Caller, 10/27/16]

Poll: Clinton up 4 in Florida

[Washington Examiner (blog), 10/27/16]

Florida Poll: Rubio Maintains Six Point Lead

[The Weekly Standard (blog), 10/27/16]

The Chat Thursday October 20th: Top Talkers & Politi-Chat

[WTLV, 10/20/16]

UNF Poll on FL Senate, Marijuana and Presidential Race

[This Week in Jacksonville, 10/16/16]

Discussing the Presidential Election

[WTLV The Chat, 10/10/16]

Poll: Third-party candidates hurting Clinton in Florida

[Washington Examiner, 10/6/16]

UNF poll: Crist 54 % - Jolly 36 %

[Tampa Bay Times, 10/13/16]

UNF Poll: Rubio is well-positioned for re-election

[The Florida Times-Union, 10/11/16]

Florida Poll: Rubio Leads Murphy by 6 points

[Newsmax, 10/11/16]

Amendment 2 poised to pass, another survey shows, but that's what pollster said in 2014

[Florida Politics, 10/11/16]

UNF poll: Rubio leading, support for medical marijuana

[Tampa Bay Times, 10/11/16]

As Rubio hides amid Trump controversy, Florida poll shows senator up 7

[Politico, 10/11/16]

UNF poll: Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump 47 to 40 in two-way Florida race

[Florida Politics, 10/6/16]

Limited by Johnson and Stein, Clinton still tops Trump in new Florida poll

[Politico, 10/6/16]

Poll: Third-party candidates hurting Clinton in Florida

[Washington Examiner, 10/6/16]

New poll shows many Floridians want to vote "against" either Clinton or Trump

[, 10/6/16]

Florida Polls Show Statistical Tie In Presidential Race

[Breitbart, 10/6/16]

Clinton dominating Trump among Florida Hispanics in new poll

[Politico, 10/5/16]

Florida Local Polls

Despite local drama, Lenny Curry still believes in "One City, One Jacksonville"

[Florida Politics, 6/27/19]

JEA executives seek better social skills, more empathy

[Florida Times-Union, 6/27/19]

Duval sales-tax referendum stands still at City Council meeting

[First Coast News, 6/26/19]

Duval sales tax referendum stands still at City Council meeting

[Florida Times-Union, 6/26/19]

UNF poll finds overwhelming support half-cent sales tax for schools

[News4Jax, 6/21/19]

What's on the minds of voters? Crime.

[News4Jax, 6/21/19]

New poll shows voter support for school sales tax

[Florida Times-Union, 6/21/19]

UNF poll shows 75% in favors of half-cent sales tax to improve Duval County Schools

[First Coast News, 6/21/19]

UNF Poll Finds 84% Of Voters Support Decriminalizing Marijuana

[WJCT, 6/21/19]

Poll: Duval school tax, cannabis decrim more popular than Lenny Curry, Mike Williams?

[Florida Politics, 6/21/19]

75% of registered Duval voters support tax hike for schools, UNF poll shows

[Action News Jax, 6/21/19]

The morning read of what's hot in Florida Politics

[Florida Politics, 6/21/19]

Jacksonville Beach residents want referendum on Jacksonville fire services, poll says

[Florida Politics, 5/14/19]

UNF Poll: Majority Favor Referendum On Jax Beach Fire Dept. Merger

[WJCT, 5/14/19]

New poll shows Jane Castor up by 36 points in Tampa Mayor's Race

[Tampa Bay Times, 4/16/19]

Jane Castor in control: Two new polls show big leads for the former police chief in Tampa mayor's race

[Tampa Bay Times, 4/16/19]

Poll: Jane Castor likely to deliver a major defeat to Straz

[Florida Politics, 4/16/19]

Poll: Jane Castor Leads David Straz By 36 Points In Tampa Mayor's Race

[WJCT, 4/16/19]

Sunburn- The morning read of what's hot in Florida politics-4.16.19

[Florida Politics, 4/16/19]

2nd poll shows Castor with lead but Straz performing well with black and young voters

[Tampa Bay Times, 4/16/19]

Jacksonville Bold for 2.21.19-- Survey says...

[Florida Politics, 2/21/19]

New UNF poll shows Curry outpaces Brosche in Jacksonville mayoral race

[Ponte Vedra Recorder, 2/21/2019]

Poll: Lenny Curry routing Anna Lopez Brosche in Jacksonville mayoral race

[Florida Politics, 2/20/2019]

New UNF Poll Shows Curry With Strong Lead In Jacksonville Mayoral Race

[WJCT, 2/20/2019]

UNF Poll: Curry at 52 percent support for re-election

[Florida Times-Union, 2/20/2019]

UNF Poll shows Curry outpacing Brosche in mayoral race, huge variations for city council

[First Coast News, 2/20/2019]

UNF Poll: Curry outpacing Brosche in Jacksonville mayor's race

[News4Jax, 2/20/2019]

Mayor Curry, other incumbents lead new UNF poll

[Jacksonville Daily Record, 2/20/2019]

UNF poll reveals Curry leading the race for Mayor of Jacksonville

[Spinnaker, 2/20/2019]

New UNF poll shows crime biggest issue facing Jacksonville

[WOKV, 2/20/2019]

Jaguars bottom line impacted by anthem protests

[Biz Journal, 10/18/2017]

UNF Poll: Majority Of Registered Duval Voters Oppose Removing Confederate Statues

[WJCT, 10/12/2017]

UNF Poll: Over half of Duval County voters oppose removing Confederate statues

[First Coast News, 10/12/2017]

Jacksonville sheriff's approval divided along racial lines, UNF poll shows

[News4JAX, 10/12/2017]

Poll gives Duval's political leaders high job approval numbers

[Florida Politics, 10/12/2017]

Poll: Crime preoccupies Jacksonville voters for third straight year

[Florida Politics, 10/12/2017]

Duval voters want to keep Confederate statues, per poll

[Florida Politics, 10/12/2017]

University of North Florida pollster Mike Binder on a newly released poll regarding Mayor Lenny Curry's popularity

[WJCT, 10/12/2017]

UNF poll shows most NFL fans unfazed by anthem protests

[News4JAX, 10/10/2017]

NFL owners to discuss rule on kneeling during anthem

[News4JAX, 10/10/2017]

Political PARADISE? Beneath poll numbers, turmoil at Jax City Hall

[Folio Magazine, 10/10/2017]

Public Education Poll

2018-2019 Public Education Perceptions Poll

[JPEF, 2/22/2019]

Why don't more parents choose neighborhood schools? Academics, according to Pinellas survey

[Tampa Bay Times, 2/14,18]

Annual poll shows big support for increase in teacher salary, growth in uncertainty during transition

[Jacksonville Public Education Fund, 1/19/18]

UNF releases poll on assault weapons and campus carry

[Action News Jax, 10/17/2017]

New poll shows high community and parent confidence in public school teachers

[JPEF, 1/31/17]

POLL: Many parents rate Duval 'poor' in the public school performance, high confidence in teachers

[FOX30Jax, 2/1/17]

Poll: More Duval County adults rate school district's performance as poor

[Florida Times-Union, 1/31/17]

JPEF: "Perception trails reality" when it comes to DCPS

[NewsWOKV, 1/31/17]

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Community Poll

85% feel safe in their Jacksonville neighborhood, UNF survey finds

[News4Jax, 2/22/19]

Jacksonville Sheriff Office releases community survey results

[WOKV, 2/24/19]

New poll shows large community support for JSO

[NewsWOKV, 2/3/17]

Florida Congressional District

The Buzz's Florida congressional vulnerability rankings, pre-election edition

[Tampa Bay Times, 10/22/18]

Poll: Republican Vern Buchanan leads Democrat David Shapiro by 9 in key congressional race

[Tampa Bay Times, 10/4/18]

Vern Buchanan leads David Shapiro by 9 in new survey

[Florida Politics, 10/4/18]

Vern Buchanan leads David Shapiro by nine in new poll

[Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 10/4/18]

Buchanan holds 9-point lead over Shapiro in poll. Voters say incumbent is better on red tide

[Bradenton Herald, 10/4/18]

UNF Public Opinion Research Lab releases a new poll revealing Congressional District 16 currently favors Buchanan over Shapiro

[Spinnaker, 10/4/18]

Down 20 points in polls, Alvin Brown rallies his Jacksonville base

[Florida Politics, 8/26/18]

Lawson vs. Brown: Geography, ideology, is key in North Florida's 5th Congressional district

[Florida Phoenix, 8/24/18]

Lawson Has Double-Digit Lead in Florida's 5th District, Poll Finds

[Roll Call, 8/24/18]

Latest poll shows Al Lawson obliterating Alvin Brown in CD 5 primary

[Florida Politics, 8/23/18]

Congressman Lawson tries to fend off former Jacksonville mayor

[News4Jax, 8/23/18]

UNF poll gives Al Lawson advantage over Alvin Brown

[News4Jax, 8/23/18]

Lawson holds big lead in Congressional race over former Mayor Alvin Brown, UNF poll says

[Florida Times-Union, 8/23/18]

Poll: Support For Gillum Swells; Lawson has Double-Digit Lead Over Brown in CD5

[WJCT, 8/23/18]

Al Lawson Looks Safe Against Alvin Brown, New Poll Shows

[Sunshine State News, 8/23/18]

Lawson leading over Brown in UNF Poll; Gillum favorable in Congressional District 5

[Spinnaker, 8/23/18]

Shock poll in Congressional District 13: Charlie Crist 54%, David Jolly 36%

[SaintPetersBlog, 10/13/16]