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Letter from Faculty Director of PORL Michael Binder - long description below

The Public Opinion Research lab is an important organization at UNF. PORL evokes two essential
components of any University: research and teaching. By holding ourselves to the highest level of
research standards and transparent methodology practices, PORL is actively working to advance
the field of survey research. In addition to our research, we also aid our hundreds of undergraduate
employees and volunteers by providing them with the opportunity to participate in hands on research
 and data collection. Moreover, the opportunity allows students to better understand the process of
survey research and methodology by participating in the kind of work UNF students are also becoming
 aware of important issues on the local and national scale, which in turn creates more engaged citizens.
  It is the PORL's goal to grow into the preeminent academic survey research institution in the Southeaster
 United States. But we cannot do this alone. To sustain our mission and grow, we encourage philanthropic
partners who share our passion for research with integrity to collaborate with us through financial donations.
Through these gifts, we will be able to expand our research, increase our internal non-partisan polls and
increase opportunities for students. Gifts of any size are greatly appreciated and all donations will go directly
towards research efforts at PORL.

Michael Binder, Ph.D.
Faculty Director - Public Opinion Research Lab