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Areas of Physics Research at UNF 

Theoretical Solid State Physics Research

Magnetic ions in semiconductors, Dr. James Garner

Theoretical and computational investigations of complex materials, Dr. Jason Haraldsen 

Experimental Solid State Physics Research 

Magnetic properties of semiconductors, Dr. Tom Pekarek

Optical spectroscopy of solids, Dr. Lev Gasparov

Nanoscale electronics and optoelectronics, Dr. Daniel Santavicca

Correlated electron physics in complex oxides and related materials, Dr. Maitri Warusawithana

Nanophotonics, Dr. Gregory Wurtz

Astrophysics Research  

Primordial black holes and varying fundamental constants, Dr. Jane MacGibbon

Dark matter, supersymmetry, the cosmic microwave background, neutrino physics, and cosmic rays, Dr. Chris Kelso

Observational astrophysics, particle acceleration, cosmic rays and the interstellar medium, Dr. John Hewitt

Experimental Sensors Group 

Semiconductor thin film gas sensors; Atmostpheric research, Dr. Nirmal Patel

Computational and Experimental Nuclear Physics Research 

Nuclear reactions, Dr. Dennis Gay

Geophysics-Paleontology Research 

Geological and paleontological field research; Magnetic properties of fossil-bearing sedimentary rocks, Dr. Barry Albright