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Reflective Globe on the Beach
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Circular blaze of sparks
Slanted Periodic Table
Illustrated Chemistry elements
Students presenting at a college fair

Physics Department Faculty & Staff

Tenure-Track Faculty
Name Position Department Areas
Dr. Paula Mariel Coelho Assistant Professor Physics
Dr. James Garner Professor Emeritus, Interim Dean Physics, College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Lev Gasparov Terry Presidential Professor, Associate Dean Physics, College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Jason T. Haraldsen Associate Professor Physics
Dr. John Hewitt Associate Professor, Advisor Physics, Astronomy Club
Dr. Chris Kelso Associate Professor, Advisor Physics, Society of Physics Students
Dr. Jane MacGibbon Associate Professor Physics
Dr. Thomas Pekarek Terry Presidential Professor, Director Physics, Helium Liquifier Faculty
Dr. Daniel Santavicca Associate Professor Physics
Dr. Maitri Warusawithana Assistant Professor Physics
Dr. Gregory Wurtz Associate Professor, Chair of Department Physics


Faculty Lecturers
Name Position Department Areas
Dr. Barry Albright Associate Lecturer Earth Science
Dr. Grace Bossé  Associate Instructor and Lab Manager Physics
Dr. Michael R. Johnson Lecturer Earth Science
Mr. Jim Montgomery Lecturer Physics
Dr. Nirmal Patel Associate Lecturer, Director Physics, SEM Facility


Faculty Emeritus
Name Position Department Areas
Dr. John Anderson   Associate Lecturer Physics
Dr. James L. Garner Professor Physics
Dr. Dennis L. Gay Associate Professor Physics
Dr. Jay Huebner Professor Physics



Mr. Ian Crawford-Goss Visiting Lecturer Physics
Dr. William "Brian" Lane Visiting Lecturer Physics
Dr. Samana Shrestha Visiting Instructor Physics
Dr. Devki Talwar Research Associate Physics


Part-Time Faculty
Name Position Department Areas
Dr. Frederick Glynn Hayes Adjunct Physics
Mr. Richard Lombardi Adjunct Physics

Office Staff
Name Position Department Areas
Mrs. Loraine Morgan Office Manager Physics
 Farah Muntz ( Academic Adviser Physics, Chemistry, Math, and Statistics