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Undergraduate Programs

The Philosophy Major

The philosophy major at UNF is designed to appeal to students with diverse needs and interests: students who plan to pursue philosophy at the graduate level, those who desire philosophical training to pursue other careers (e.g., communications, law, psychology, theology, government), and, above all, those who simply wish to obtain a solid liberal arts education. The basic purpose of the undergraduate major in philosophy at UNF is "to introduce interested students to philosophy in ways that will serve them well -- both professionally and personally -- whatever they may go on to after graduation" (from The Philosophy Major, a statement prepared by the American Philosophical Association).


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The Philosophy Minor

The Department of Philosophy offers four minors: one in philosophy generally and three others in subfields tailored to specifi c interests or career objectives. All are 15 semester hours.

  • General Philosophy
  • Applied Ethics
  • Law & Philosophy

Honors in the Major

The program is available to students in philosophy who are intellectually mature and who seek the challenge of doing a major research project under the supervision of a faculty mentor.


This program is especially recommended to students who are considering graduate work in philosophy or another discipline, such as law, which requires substantial research and writing.


To earn honors in philosophy, students must fulfill the requirements of the major with a 3.5 GPA in their major courses, must satisfactorily complete an honors thesis under the direction of a faculty member, and must defend the thesis before a three-member committee. Students who complete these requirements will have honors in philosophy noted on the transcript and diploma.


It is expected that the faculty mentor chosen by the student interested in writing a senior honors thesis will be the program's specialist in that area of the thesis.


For further information and/or an application form, please see the Philosophy Department Chairperson.


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Faculty Contacts Program (Philosophy Program Mentors)

The Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies supports and encourages a faculty/student "mentor program."


The Mentor may discuss career plans with the student, and help the student prepare for a future career through guidance about graduate school preparation or which courses might best serve those future plans. The Mentor may assist the student in deciding whether or which philosophy graduate schools to apply to, and how to go about applying. In addition, the Mentor can help the student decide whom to approach for letters of recommendation for graduate study or for employment.