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Laotzu speaking and knowing
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Socrates the wise and the fools

Paul Carelli

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Phone: (904) 620-1330

Office: Building 10, Room 2357



Faculty Bio



Areas of Expertise

Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy, and Comparative Philosophy, Classical Chinese Philosophy, Early Indian Philosophy, and Philosophy in the Abrahamic Traditions


Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Kentucky (2008)

M.A., Classical Studies, University of Kentucky (2001)

B.A., English, University of Arizona (1993)

B.A., Philosophy, Religious Studies, History, Northern Arizona University (1991)


My research specialty is in the history of philosophy, with a strong concentration in ancient Greek philosophy and a significant and growing concentration in the philosophies of ancient China and India. My main research focus is on the moral psychology found in Plato’s dialogues. This is a dynamic field of study at the forefront of current research in ancient philosophy. Research on Plato is in a state of flux. As recently as twenty five years ago, scholars routinely took for granted a division between early dialogues portraying the historical Socrates, and middle and late dialogues in which the character Socrates is a mouthpiece for Plato’s own mature views. Research of the past quarter century has undermined that division and introduced controversy between those holding to this developmental thesis about Plato’s writings (that there is substantial change in positions between early and later dialogues) and those with a unitarian thesis (that there are no major changes of position throughout the dialogues). Even the ablest defenders of the unitarian thesis, however, have admitted a distinction in the dialogues’ moral psychology. My work challenges this dogma of the supposed change in Plato’s moral psychology through careful reconsideration of certain arguments in the dialogues and by attending to the dramatic settings and characterizations that form the context of those arguments.

Selected Publications

Peer-Review Publications

“Power and Character in Plato's Hippias Minor” (Journal of Ancient Philosophy Forthcoming)

“Teaching Ancient Philosophy as a Non-Western Tradition” (ASIANetwork Exchange: A Journal for Asian Studies in the Liberal Arts Forthcoming)

“The Courage of Conviction: Andreia as Precondition for Philosophic Examination in Plato’s Protagoras and Republic” (British Journal of the History of Philosophy May 2015)

“Psychic Representation in Plato’s Phaedrus” (Apeiron: A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science January 2015)

Book Reviews

“A Plato Reader, ed. C.D.C. Reeve,” in Teaching Philosophy (Forthcoming)

“George Rudebusch, Socrates,” in Journal of Ancient Philosophy 33 (Spring 2013)

“John Holbo, Reason and Persuasion: Three Dialogues by Plato: Euthyphro, Meno, Republic Book I,” in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (December 2009)

“Gabriela Carone, Plato’s Cosmology and its Ethical Dimensions,” in Journal of the History of Philosophy (April 2007)


“Beyond the Western Borders – Finding a Home for Odysseus Among the Daoists,” 11th East-West Philosophers’ Conference – University of Hawaii at Manoa (May 2016)

“Interdisciplinary Ethnography in China: Defining Philosophy and Religion,” Association of Chinese Professors of Social Science in the United States – Jacksonville, FL (October 2015)

“Spanning Boundaries and Crossing Borders: Philosophy and Religious Practice,” 2nd Annual Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Symposium – Jacksonville, FL (April 2015)

“Courage & Conviction in Plato’s Protagoras and Republic,” The 32nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy at Fordham University (October, 2014)

“Power in the Lesser Hippias,” West Coast Plato Workshop 2014 at the University of California at Berkeley (May 2014)

“Teaching Ancient Greek Philosophy as a Non-Western Tradition,” Society for Teaching Comparative Philosophy – Symposium and Workshop at the University of North Florida (February 2014)

“Psychic Representation in Plato’s Phaedrus,” The 31st Annual Meeting of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy at Fordham University (October, 2013)

“Comments on Gregory Salmieri’s ‘How to Understand Apology 30b2-4,’” Central APA (February 2012 - read in absentia)

“City-Soul Analogies in the Republic, Timaeus and Laws,” The 9th Annual International Society for Neo-platonic Studies Conference - Atlanta (June 2011)

“City-Soul Analogies in the Republic, Timaeus and Laws,” The 28th Annual Meeting of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy at Fordham University (October, 2010)

“True City – True Soul: The Partitioning of the Soul in Plato’s Republic,” Athens Institute for Education and Research – 5th Annual International Conference on Philosophy (May 2010)

Public Lectures

“China and the West / The Idea of ‘China,’” (Panel Member) University of North Florida – Jacksonville, FL (March 2016)

“Mencius, Cultivation, and the Confucian Tradition,” The Confucius Institute at UNF – Jacksonville, FL (October 2015)

“Socrates on the Pious and the Just,” First Coast Freethought Society – Jacksonville, FL (April 2014)

“The Power of Knowledge: Can We Choose to Act against What We Know Best,” Philosophy Clubs of JU & UNF Philosophy Slam – Jacksonville, FL (March 2014)

“Socratic Dialogue,” Jacksonville Public Library, Mandarin Branch – Jacksonville, FL (March 2013)

“The Pedagogy of Performance,” (Panel Member) University of North Florida – Jacksonville, FL (November 2010)

“Chinese Philosophy and Art,” Opening of the Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art – Jacksonville, FL (September 2010)