Mitch Haney

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Chair

Ph.D., University of Memphis

Specialties: Theoretical Ethics, Applied Ethics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind

Office:  Honors Hall, Building 10, Room 2329

Website: http://mitchhaney.wordpress.com

E-mail: mhaney@unf.edu


Aaron Creller

Ph.D., University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

Specialities: Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, and Comparative and Asian Philosophy

Office: Honors Hall, Building 10, Room 2333

E-mail: a.b.creller@unf.edu


Andrew Buchwalter

John A. Delaney Presidential Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D., Boston University
Specialties: Late Modern Philosophy, Classical and Contemporary German Philosophy, Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy
Office: Honors Hall, Building 10, Room 2337
E-mail: abuchwal@unf.edu  


Paul Carelli

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Ph.D., University of Kentucky

Specialties: Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy, and Comparative Philosophy

Teaching Competence: Classical Chinese Philosophy, Early Indian Philosophy, and Philosophy in the Abrahamic Traditions

Office: Honors Hall, Building 10, Room 2357


E-mail: paul.carelli@unf.edu


Brandi Denison

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Ph.D., University of North Carolina
Specialties: American Religions, Native American Religions, Racialization, Gender, Violence, and Memory
Office: Honors Hall, Building 10, Room 2335

E-mail: b.denison@unf.edu


David Fenner

Professor of Philosophy and Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Ph.D., University of Miami
Specialties: Aesthetics, Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Education, and Metaphysics
Office: Social Sciences Building, Building 53, Room 3115
Website: http://www.unf.edu/~dfenner/  
E-mail: dfenner@unf.edu


Julie Ingersoll

Professor of Religious Studies and Religious Studies Program Coordinator  

Ph.D., University of California at Santa Barbara

Specialties: Religion and American Culture, Religion and Politics, and Religion and Gender

Office: Honors Hall, Building 10, Room 2333

Website: http://www.unf.edu/~jingerso/

E-mail:  Julie.ingersoll@unf.edu 


Hans-Herbert Koegler

Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Phil., University of Frankfurt 
Specialties: Hermeneutics, Philosophy of Language, Recent European Philosophy, Philosophy of Social Science, Social and Political Theory 
Office: Honors Hall, Building 10, Room 2355 
Website: http://www.unf.edu/~hkoegler/

 E-mail:  hkoegler@unf.edu  

Jonathan Matheson 

Associate Professor of Philosophy 

Ph.D., University of Rochester

Specialties: Epistemology, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion

Office: Honors Hall, Building 10, Room 2345

Website:  https://jonathandmatheson.wordpress.com/

E-mail:  j.matheson@unf.edu 


Sarah Mattice 

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Director of Interdisciplinary Studies
Ph.D., University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
Specialties: Comparative Philosophy, Asian Philosophy, and Aesthetics East and West
Office: Honors Hall, Building 10, Room 2353

E-mail: s.mattice@unf.edu


George Rainbolt

Professor of Philosophy, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Ph.D., University of Arizona

Specialties: Ethics, Social/Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Medical Ethics, and Neuroethics

Office: Social Sciences Building, Room 3301


E-mail: grainbolt@unf.edu



Visiting Faculty

Theodore Locke

Visiting Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Miami

Emeritus Faculty

A. David Kline 

Professor Emeritus of Philosophy 

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

Specialties: Ethics and Biotechnology, Philosophy of Science, Educational Ethics

E-mail:  akline@unf.edu 


John C. Maraldo  

Professor Emeritus of Philosophy; UNF Distinguished Professor, 1994 

Dr.Phil., University of Munich

Specialties: Asian and Comparative Philosophy, Japanese Philosophy, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Self, and Philosophy of Religion

E-mail:  jmaraldo@unf.edu 


Ellen Wagner 

Associate Professor Emeritus of Philosophy 

Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder

Specialties: Plato, Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, and Epistemology

E-mail:  ewagner@unf.edu