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Ethics and the Community

UNF Ethics Academy

UNF Ethics Academy Logo, image of a shield with four quadrants with images, including an Osprey, the scales of justice, a light bulb, and dialogue bubbles, along with the words "UNF Ethics Academy", in dark blue and cyan blueWe are excited to announce the UNF Ethics Academy, coming Summer 2023! The UNF Ethics Academy is a 2-week philosophy day camp for high school students in the Jacksonville/First Coast area, Mondays-Thursdays July 17-27, 2023. 

The Ethics Academy is run by UNF faculty with help from UNF students and community leaders. Each day will consist of activities, academic workshops, lunch, and discussion groups. Daily activities—like a campus scavenger hunt, UNF’s ropes course, and hiking on the nature trailswill familiarize participants with some of what UNF has to offer, as well as providing team building opportunities. In academic workshops, students will hear from UNF faculty and community leaders about the nature of ethics and how ethical decision-making factors into the workplace. In addition, UNF students will guide participants through challenging ethical case studies, helping them to think both critically and collaboratively about contemporary moral issues while paying attention to differences in value and alternative perspectives. The academy will culminate in a mini ethics bowl competition, where groups of students will discuss the cases that they have developed over the course of the summer camp. 

Who should participate? Local high school students who love to think and talk about ethics! 

Cost: $250. Scholarships are available.

Includes: Day camp, lunch + snacks, T-shirt, notebook + supplies, insurance, all on-campus activities, and Florida Blue Center for Ethics Junior Scholar Certificate. Not included: Transportation. 

Application link: 

Admissions will be considered on a rolling basis May 1st through July 1st. Apply now!

Questions? For more information, contact Dr. Jon Matheson or Dr. Sarah Mattice 


The UNF Ethics Academy is made possible with generous support from:

First Coast High School Ethics Bowl

Promoting ethical reasoning for local high school students

"In the typical moral problem, the ethically relevant features are tricky to specify and extremely difficult to weigh with respect to one another. Moreover, there is no given short-list of possible actions to be decided upon; instead there looms before the person deciding what do to an open field of infinitely diverse actions, shading into one another in countless, different ways. To be or not to be is hardly ever the moral question, but rather when, where, how, for whom, how much, and in what respect to be or not to be. A moral problem calls not for a mechanical response, but rather for a creative act." (Robert Burch "Are There Moral Experts?" 1974: 655)


The National High School Ethics Bowl (NHSEB) promotes ethical awareness and collaborative critical thinking in a competitive environment. Students get the opportunity to research and analyze contemporary real world ethical issues, which culminates with present their findings and critically engaging with other teams and judges. Teams win by demonstrating that they have thought rigorously and systematically about the cases, and engaged respectfully and supportively with all participants. The NHSEB fosters constructive dialogue about complex moral issues and furthers the next generation's ability to make sound ethical decisions and engage in civil dialogue. This is a great opportunity for students and it is also a lot of fun!


Early September: Cases released

January 10th: Registration

1st Sat. in February: First Coast Ethics Bowl @ UNF

Early April: National Ethics Bowl


First Coast High School Registration: Coming Fall 2023!

Our regional bowl is capped at 20 teams. Unless there are 20 different schools competing, schools will be permitted to send more than one team. Each school must be registered through the region above, and pay $50 per team with a maximum of 4 teams from any one school (No guarantees after your first two teams).

Each school must also register through the National High School Ethics Bowl here: 

Registration through nationals comes with a $125 fee. Whether paying by check or credit card, schools must complete the online registration form. Step-by-step directions on how to complete NHSEB registration are found on the above page.

The sooner you register the better as it will enhance our opportunity to get an automatic bid to the national competition (registration closes January 10th). 

General Resources:

First Coast High School Ethics Bowl on Facebook:

National High School Ethics Bowl Web Page:

NHSEB Archive of past cases:

Rules, Procedures, and Guidelines:

Video of an Ethics Bowl match:

Students talking about their experiences with NHSEB:

Podcast on HS Ethics Bowl:

Sponsored by the Better Business Bureau of Northeast Florida and Southeast Atlantic

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Other Sponsors Include:

American Philosophical Association

Florida Blue Center for Ethics

More to come