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Current Course Information, 2019-2020

The following list represents the current offerings; for the full range of courses offered philosophy and religious studies, please consult the Undergraduate Course Descriptions in the UNF catalog.

Spring 2020


 Introductory Level Courses


PHI 2010: Introduction to Philosophy

TR, 3:05-4:20


PHI 2100: Critical Thinking: The Art of Reasoning

TR, 1:40-2:55


PHI 2101: Introduction to Logic


    TR, 1:40-2:55

    TR, 10:50-12:05


PHI 2630: Critical Thinking, Ethical Issues




REL 2300: Comparative Religion

Denison, MW 9-10:15

Treyz, TR 10:50-12:05


Upper Level Courses

PHH 3811: Philosophy of Zen Buddhism

Mattice, T, 6-8:45 pm


PHI 3500: Kant to Nietzsche

Buchwalter, MW, 3-4:15


PHI 3084: Philosophical Methods

Haney, MW, 6-7:15 pm


PHI 3300: Introduction to Epistemology

Creller, TR, 4:30-5:45


PHI 3930: Philosophy of the Roman Empire

Carelli, TR 3:05-4:20 


PHI 4641: Business Ethics

TR, 4:30-5:45


PHI 4881: Philosophy of Music

Koegler, Online


PHM 3304: Political Philosophy 

Koegler, MW, 10:30-11:45

REL 3148: Religion and Violence

Ingersoll, TR 4:30-5:45

REL 3152: Race and Religion in the US (CAPSTONE, Required for Seniors graduating by Fall 2020)

Denison, MW 1:30-2:45 


REL 3213: Hebrew Bible

Treyz, TR 1:40-2:55

REL 3340: Intro to Buddhism 

Mattice, T 6-8:45 pm 


REL 3630: American Judaism

Denison, MW 10:30-11:45