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Photo collage from music camp performances

2020 Summer Music Camp Electives

Electives are subject to change.


Beginning Guitar (Bring your own!) (NEW) – Do you have a guitar laying around the house or access to one? Have you always wanted to learn to play? This class will teach you the basic chords and techniques to begin your guitar greatness.


Classical Improvisation – Classical performers were the first to improvise! This course is for woodwind, brass, and percussion campers who want to learn how to create and improvise melodies on their instrument. Improvisation is not just for jazz! Campers will learn how to be creative and play their instruments WITHOUT having to rely on printed music.

Conducting – This class gives students the opportunity to develop confidence on the podium and learn the basics of conducting and communicating with an ensemble. Students will learn to conduct the main beat patterns and will study representative works to hone their conducting skills.


Jazz Combo – This elective will be approved by completing a jazz combo audition upon arrival at camp. A combo is a small jazz group consisting of rhythm section (piano or guitar, bass and drums), and one to four horns. Jazz combo is for experienced players and strong improvisers. The audition consists of improvising on a prepared selection. See Jazz Combo audition requirements.

Jazz Improvisation – Learn practice techniques and jazz theory needed to successfully perform improvised solos. Campers will be placed in one of three levels based on their theory placement exam.


Jazz Jam Session – for students who don’t make a jazz combo but want to practice improvisation in a group setting with live musicians. Tunes will be learned, solos will be taken, FUN will be had!


Music Technology – Learn how to use music software to create sounds and compose music using samples, loops, and digital effects. Students will compose and record their ideas, leaving camp with a copy of their own creation. 


Piano Class for Beginners – An exciting class that provides basic piano skills to musicians. Campers in this class will learn to play some basic songs and how to continue practicing and performing on the piano.


Saxophone Ensemble (NEW) – for years campers have asked to do more chamber music and ensemble pieces for saxophone, so here it is! In this elective campers will play small and large group saxophone pieces to work on intonation, blend, dynamics, style and phrasing.


Singing Lessons (NEW) – Join our vocal educators as they teach campers how to use their voices properly and improve their ability to hear and match pitch.


World Drumming (NEW) – Learn about world percussion instruments and how to play them, while improving your overall sense of time and rhythm.