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Student Responsibilities

  1. Music students are responsible for meeting the requirements of the curriculum. When having difficulties, the student should seek prompt advice from sources such as professors, advisors, the Academic Center for Excellence, etc.
  2. Students should be equipped for placement in the various ensembles. Brass players are required to have the following mutes: straight, cup, Harmon, and bucket (Jo-Ral preferred). Trumpet players should have flugelhorns. Saxophone players should have a flute and clarinet. Students must consult with applied teachers for various instrument and equipment requirements. If required by the instructor, students should possess a metronome and tuner.
  3. Rehearsal/performance facilities are for the exclusive use of sanctioned UNF ensembles and faculty. Students are responsible for the music facilities and equipment. Students should not permit others to be abusive, neither carelessly nor deliberately, or to produce needless or excessive wear and tear on facilities or equipment.
  4. Students are encouraged to report any items in need of attention (e.g., faulty equipment, light bulbs, ventilation problems, vandalism, etc.) to the music office at (904) 620-2960. 
  5. Students who lease UNF instruments will be required to pay a rental fee of $50 per semester for each instrument.
  6. The University of North Florida is not responsible for any student possessions.
  7. It is imperative that students act in a respectful manner in all situations reflecting the image of the School of Music and the University of North Florida.
  8. Students who are members of performing ensembles will give first priority to performances and rehearsals. It is expected that personal scheduling is secondary to ensemble responsibilities. Performances and extra rehearsals will be announced in advance.
  9. For special events, off-campus performances and excursions, responsibilities may be assigned and policies must be adhered to. In the case of student hotel accommodations, any additional charges will be the responsibility of the individual student.
  10. Additional attendance, tardiness, and procedural regulations may be required by individual professors and will be included in course syllabi.


Without exception, all music students are required to enroll in a major ensemble for every semester in residence. Placement in each ensemble is determined by competitive audition and occurs at the beginning of each semester during the first few days of classes. Students on scholarship may be required to enroll in other ensembles as well as their required ensemble.

Major Ensembles

Guitar, Piano and Harp: Chorale, Orchestra or Wind Symphony

Jazz Studies: Jazz Ensemble I, II or III

Strings: Orchestra

Winds and Percussion: Wind Symphony

Voice: UNF Chorale

Major ensembles are open to all enrolled UNF students. Personnel are selected by audition. Placement in ensembles may be determined by the School Director or designated representative according to the needs of the school. Ensemble auditions occur during the first few days of the fall semester; however, subsequent semesters may require a challenge or re-audition. Being awarded a music scholarship and/or admitted to the school does not guarantee a position in a particular ensemble.

Criteria for placement in major ensembles include:

  1. Individual/ensemble skills (accuracy, tone, articulation, blend, etc.)
  2. Sight-reading skills
  3. Improvisational skills (when applicable)
  4. Prior semester ensemble evaluation (when applicable)
  5. Compatibility factors such as morale, attitude, and ability to work as a team player

Members assigned to the various ensembles must adhere to the ensemble’s specific rules and guidelines. Noncompliance is not tolerated, and individuals may be removed from an ensemble if their presence is counterproductive to the ensemble musically, professionally, or personally. More specific information on the various School of Music ensembles is available on our website as well as through the respective ensemble directors.