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Senior Recitals

Music majors are required to present a senior recital during the last semester of applied study. Candidates for graduation must perform a pre-recital screening for select faculty members to assure that the student is ready to proceed with the senior recital. This may take place in conjunction with the juried examination prior to the semester of the senior recital. Guidelines for the Music Technology and Production Senior Project Recital is here.

Under advisement of the applied professor, the student will schedule the recital well in advance (i.e. five months) of the performance date. The music office will provide a standard typed program for all senior recitals. Program notes and text translations, when applicable, must accompany the program and must be provided by the student. These must be carefully researched and prepared by the student and approved by the applied professor. The student assumes all other expenses related to the recital.

  1. The recital will be juried by at least three faculty members. The student is responsible for making jury arrangements and notifying the Chair of all final grades and decisions.
  2. A grade of “pass” or “fail” will be given by the jury. Student must receive a “pass” to graduate.
  3. The program should be between 45 and 60 minutes long.
  4. UNF faculty may assist on only one selection of the recital.
  5. The recital must be scheduled on campus.
  6. Dedications from the stage are inappropriate, but may be included in the printed program.
  7. Students must arrange for the recital to be recorded professionally at their own expense.
  8. The candidate is responsible to insure that every performing member is professionally attired.
  9. Recital material must be arranged thoughtfully and artistically.

Specific to Bachelor of Music Performance in Jazz Studies students:

The recital should include at least three jazz standards. Originals and other jazz vehicles can comprise the remainder of the recital. The majority of the program must be from the jazz genre. Other styles are acceptable if they constitute a small percentage of the program and are performed artistically correct.

The student should be the featured soloist and choruses by sidemen must be kept to a minimum. All material performed by the candidate must be memorized.

Specific to Bachelor of Music Performance and Bachelor of Music Education students:

Candidates in piano and voice must memorize all material.

Senior Recital Checklist

  • Confirm readiness for recital with applied teacher
  • Book on-campus space as early as possible with teacher and accompanist (if applicable) permission for the recital. Print the Student Recital Reservation form. Recital dates are not confirmed until the first page has been submitted to the School of Music office with required signatures.
  • Schedule Recital Screening at least one month in advance of your recital with all faculty who will be on the jury (at least 3)
  • After passing your screening, submit an electronic copy to your applied teacher to have flyers and programs approved that will then be submitted to the School of Music. Do not post promotional materials prior to successfully completing the recital screening.
    • If you fail your screening, you must confer with your applied teacher in regards to further action.
  • Draft and print programs for recital in the specified manner
  • Successfully perform recital with three invited jurors (faculty) in attendance. Pass or Fail.