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All applicants to UNF School of Music are automatically considered for a scholarship based primarily on ability as demonstrated at the audition/interview. Scholarships are awarded each year to students who show maturity and promise in various areas. Although the amount of money available each year may vary, these awards are made to students who contribute or show the potential to contribute to the total success of the program into which they are enrolled. Additional information regarding non-music scholarships can be found at Applicants for need-based financial aid must apply to the UNF Student Financial Aid Office. All students are encouraged to apply for FAFSA funding in addition to all local and national scholarship opportunities specific to his/her particular situation. Please note carefully the deadlines for all scholarship and financial aid applications.

Scholarship Criteria

While the faculty recognizes that each student is an individual with unique talents and achievements, there is no guarantee that scholarship awards will be renewed at the same level each semester. Scholarship awards are based on the audition process and the belief that there is a strong potential for musical growth and contribution. Future awards may be adjusted up or down depending on the factors listed below:

  1. Musical aptitude/skills: Both performance skills and musicianship are very important criteria in scholarship decisions.
  2. Large ensembles: Students receiving scholarship assistance are required to participate in large ensembles each semester. Failure to audition and participate in one large ensemble per semester will result in scholarship denial.
  3. Small ensembles: Scholarship students may be required to audition for and participate in one or more small ensembles.
  4. Grades: Music students are expected to maintain at least a “B” in applied lessons and a “C” in all other music courses. Failure to meet these standards will result in being placed on academic probation and will be required to repeat the course. A grade of “D” in non-music courses will be viewed negatively. After being on probation for one subsequent semester, each grade infraction will reduce your scholarship by 20% per grade infraction. After a third subsequent semester on probation, all merit- based scholarship funding will be removed and the student may be expelled from the program.
  5. Attendance: Excessive absences will negatively impact scholarship awards. (See Attendance Policy)
  6. Musical growth: Growth is expected through exposure to the musical environment at UNF. It is an item the music faculty takes very seriously when determining scholarship awards.
  7. Attitude: Students are expected to maintain a positive attitude and represent the school well.
  8. School need: Needs of the school are considered when awarding scholarships.