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Juried Examinations (Juries)

Music majors must perform a juried examination at the end of each semester on their primary instrument. The material performed on the jury will reflect the student’s work during the semester as determined by the applied professor. Juries for non-majors and majors on non-primary instruments will be at the discretion of the applied teacher. Procedures are as follows:

  1. A jury panel will consist of at least three faculty members.
  2. The student must provide each jury panelist with a thoroughly completed jury form. 
  3. Each jury panelist will evaluate the student’s performance and calculate a grade. These grades will be given to the student’s professor who will average jury grades before calculating the final grade.
  4. Each juror’s sheet is to be reviewed with the student by the applied professor.
  5. Original jury sheets will be filed in the music office. Copies are distributed to the applied professor.
  6. Semi-formal attire is required.

Please visit your UNF School of Music Student Canvas page for updated jury forms towards the end of the semester.

Sophomore Review

The Sophomore Review consists of a more comprehensive jury in which the student must successfully respond to historical, theoretical and pedagogical questions regarding the instrument and repertoire, and concludes with a sight reading excerpt. Students will be granted one of the following upon completing the review: Pass, Probation, or Fail.


Transfer students may be asked to participate in the Sophomore Review after one semester of study as a contingency to remain enrolled as a music major. Students must pass this review in order to enroll in upper level applied courses. See the website and consult your applied teacher for updates regarding the Sophomore Review.