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Recording board for music and sound

Music Technology and Production

Joshua Tomlinson, Instructor, Music Technology and Production, Area Coordinator

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Originally from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Joshua Tomlinson is a composer, sound designer, and educator specializing in electroacoustic music and technology.

He completed his DMA in Composition at the University of Oklahoma, where he also briefly served as Visiting Lecturer in Composition and Technology.


His creative works have been performed at national and international conferences and festivals including PARMA, SEAMUS, EA Barndance, EMM, the Royal Music Association (Sheffield, England), Sound and Music Computing Conference (Málaga, Spain), the Irish Sound, Science and Technology Association (Cork, Ireland), Convergence (Leicester, England), and the Australasian Computer Music Conference (Melbourne, Australia).


Joshua serves on the steering committee of the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival and has participated as a composer and audio technician at NYCEMF since 2012.


He accepts commissions to compose original music for film, solo performance, ensembles, dance companies, and visual art installations.


Contact: (904) 620-2961 -

Alex Hayward, Adjunct Professor, Music Technology and Production

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Alex Hayward is the owner of Chromatic Studios in Jacksonville, FL. He is band leader of Bread and Butter and the Bay Kings Band. Alex is also the booking consultant for the Bay Kings Band.


Contact: (904) 620-2961 - 

Elena Maier, Adjunct Professor, Music Technology and Production

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Elena Maier is a German Russian composer and pianist. She was born in Russia and started her career at age six when she began playing piano at the prestigious Gymnasium of Art in Russia. Elena's family moved to Germany when she was fifteen, where she continued her music studies.


After graduating with a degree in piano from The Music Academy Wiesbaden, Elena became more interested in writing music for film. She was accepted to The Film Academy Baden-Württemberg as the first female composer in four years. This led to a world of composing and recording music with renowned orchestras. After finishing The Academy, Elena moved to Frankfurt am Main where she continued composing and directed her first movie, ''High Girls.'' The short was premiered at the film festival in Cannes and found large audiences at film festivals worldwide.


For her personal sound discovery, Elena left Europe and spent six months in Central America writing and recording music. There she worked on a Spanish musical - the first musical in Panama. She subsequently moved to Berlin where she continued to score films as well as compose for high-profile television projects.


Elena is known for her innovative use of instruments and ability to create music across cultures. An example of this is when she took the challenge to compose music for an arabic drama, ''A part of me.'' For this movie, Elena studied arabic culture and instruments. She recorded music using the sitar, doudouk, steel drum and created a signature sound for it.


Currently, Elena is living in Jacksonville, FL where she is working with musicians and directing her second film, ''The Gift.''


Contact: (904) 620-2961