2018 Music Camp - Audition Materials


All campers will take placement audition(s) for ensemble placement while at camp upon arrival. Audition materials are listed below. 

Middle School Audition Requirements

For ensemble placement:
  • Seven Major scales – Concert Bb, Eb, F, Ab, Db, C, G performed in the format you play them at school.
  • A short sight-reading excerpt to test music reading skills.

Optional (for Middle School students who wish to audition for jazz band):

High School Audition Requirements

  • All high School campers must prepare the classical excerpts. All high school campers will perform in a symphonic group, rhythm section only players exempt.
  • Jazz requirements are for Jazz Band placement only and are optional for students not participating in jazz band.
  • Jazz Combo requirements are separate and for the optional combo audition.

All High School Campers: