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student playing trumpet

Master of Music Performance: Jazz Studies

The Master of Music Performance in Jazz Studies is a 36 hour degree with a two year residency. It provides students the opportunity to develop performance skills while working with an internationally recognized faculty and excellent ensembles. Classes are scheduled to allow music educators, performers, and other music professionals in Northeast Florida to pursue the degree while maintaining full-time employment.



Audition Requirements

  1. Demonstrate ability to improvise and play with a rhythm section at a graduate level of advancement. Five selections (including a ballad) in different jazz styles, moods and tempos performed from memory.
  2. Sight-reading (at the discretion of the applied teacher).

Jazz Bass

  1. 12 major scales - 2 octaves
  2. 6 Dorian minor scales - 2 octaves
  3. Transcription or etude demonstrating advanced technical proficiency.
  4. Three selections of contrasting styles demonstrating versatility on acoustic and/or electric bass. These selections can be performed with a rhythm section or a play along. At least one of the three songs must include playing the melody.

Jazz Drum Set

  1. Demonstrate the following styles: (30 seconds each)
    1. Slow Swing (60pm)
    2. Medium Swing (120bpm)
    3. Fast Swing (220 bpm)
    4. Bossa Nova
    5. Samba
    6. Songo
    7. Latin Cascara
    8. Latin 6/8
    9. Funk or Hip Hop Groove
  2. Perform two Jazz tunes in contrasting style and tempo, including one Be-bop/ Jazz tune and one contemporary Jazz song or standard. Perform with a combo, or recording minus drums. Each piece should demonstrate Master's level time feel and comping. Play time with the melody, one chorus of an instrumental, and take one chorus drum set solo. Suggestions for Be- bop/ jazz tunes include: Billie's Bounce, Oleo, Tenor Madness, Au Privave, Joy Spring, Jordu, Yardbird Suite, and Donna Lee. Suggestions for a non Be-bop piece include Milestones, Solar, Giant Steps, Moment's Notice, All the Things You Are, Alone Together, Softly As In A Morning Sunrise, One Finger Snap, If I Were a Bell, There Will Never Be Another You, or other.

Jazz Guitar

  1. A complete performance of a Jazz ballad, including one chorus of the harmonized melody as well as an improvised single-line solo. Suggested tunes are Chelsea Bridge, But Beautiful, Miyako, For Heaven's Sake, Estate, or other tune of the applicant's choice.
  2. Two Jazz tunes in contrasting style, including one Be-bop tune. Each piece should demonstrate a personalized interpretation of the melody, an improvised solo, and one or more choruses of comping. Suggestions for Be- bop tunes include Au Privave, Joy Spring, Jordu, Yardbird Suite, and Donna Lee. Suggestions for a non Be-bop piece include Milestones (new version), Giant Steps, Ceora, Moment's Notice, and One Finger Snap or other.

Jazz Piano

  1. Auditionees should perform the following scales:
    1. C# major
    2. Eb natural minor
    3. E harmonic minor
    4. F melodic minor
    5. C# Whole/Half diminished
  2. One 12-Bar Blues piece, Billie's Bounce or Now's the Time in medium tempo; (play the melody once and improvise a minimum of 3 choruses).
  3. Perform songs from the American Songbook or jazz standard with a rhythm section or play along. One should be solo piano. You may also choose from:
    1. Ballad
    2. Medium swing
    3. Up tempo swing
    4. Latin/straight eighth
  4. Demonstrate one chorus of "comping" on a standard song of your choice. It is fine to comp on the American Songbook song you have selected.

Jazz Saxophone

  1. Scales (all full range):
    1. C# whole/half diminished
    2. Ab melodic minor
    3. Eb Harmonic Major
    4. C Augmented Scale
    5. E pentatonic b6
  2. Play three contrasting Jazz/American songbook standards (1 chorus head and 2 choruses of blowing). Two of them should be medium to medium up tempo, (e.g. All the Things You are, Autumn Leaves, Green Dolphin Street, etc.). The third should be an up tempo tune (eg. Cherokee, I Hear a Bell, Oleo, etc.). Tunes can be performed with a live rhythm section or with an Aebersold style play-along.

Jazz Trumpet

  1. Prepare major scales (and their modes), whole tone, diminished and ascending melodic minor scales (and their modes).
  2. Play the melody and improvise from memory on the chord changes of one tune from each of the following three lists:
    1. Bebop tunes: Confirmation, Joy Spring
    2. Standard tunes: Stella By Starlight, Have You Met Miss Jones
    3. Post-bop tunes: Moment's Notice, Dolphin Dance.
  3. Charlier #2 Du Style from Theo Charlier, 36 Etudes Transcendantes for trumpet.
  4. Auditionees will be asked to sight read typical jazz ensembles parts and may be asked to sight-read chord changes.
  5. Lead trumpet auditionees will be asked 1, 3 and 4 above plus: Blues in Bb and F and Rhythm Changes in Bb and F.
  6. Lead Trumpet play excerpt for Time Check by Don Menza, from Buddy Rick Band.