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students writing on white board with teacher


The UNF School of Music offers students an opportunity to work with world-class faculty. Graduates hold positions in all aspects of the music industry, including performing in the nation’s top professional ensembles, performing as the industry’s leading artists, touring internationally and serving as leading pedagogues in music education. Click each heading to discover our internationally known faculty by area of teaching.


Name Position Area
Randall Tinnin Professor, Area Coordinator Trumpet
Tristan Clarke Adjunct Professor Trumpet
Marc Dickman Associate Professor Low Brass: Trombone/Euphonium/Tuba
Michael Harper Adjunct Professor Trumpet
James Jenkins Adjunct Professor Tuba
Kevin Reid Adjunct Professor Horn


Name Position Area
Erin Bodnar Assistant Professor Conducting
Simon Shiao Associate Professor Conducting
Cara Tasher Professor & Director of Choral Activities Conducting

Jazz Studies

Name Position Area
J.B. Scott Associate Professor & Area Coordinator Trumpet/Artistic Director of Great American Jazz Series
Lynne Arriale Professor Piano
Todd DelGiudice Associate Professor Saxophone
Marc Dickman Associate Professor Low Brass: Trombone/Euphonium/Tuba
Michael Emmert Adjunct Professor Saxophone
Scott Giddens Adjunct Professor Piano/Jazz Combo
Danny Gottlieb Professor Drumset
Bunky Green Professor Emeritus & Director of Jazz Studies Emeritus Jazz Studies
Barry Greene Professor Guitar 
Clarence Hines Associate Professor & Director of the School of Music Trombone/Arranging
James Hogan Adjunct Professor Guitar
Dennis Marks Associate Professor Bass
William Prince Professor Emeritus  Jazz Studies
Dave Steinmeyer Adjunct Professor Trombone

Music Education

Name Position Area
Timothy J. Groulx Associate Professor & Area Coordinator Music Education
Rose Francis Adjunct Professor Music Education
Jane Palmer Adjunct Professor Music Education

Music Technology and Production

Name Position Area
Alex Hayward Adjunct Professor & Area Coordinator Music Technology and Production
Elena Maier Adjunct Professor Music Technology and Production


Name Position Area
Andrea Venet Assistant Professor & Area Coordinator Percussion
Kenneth Every Adjunct Professor      Percussion
Kevin Garry Adjunct Professor Percussion
Mike Taylor Adjunct Professor Percussion
Charlotte Mabrey Professor Emeritus Percussion


Name Position Area
Erin K. Bennett Associate Professor & Area Coordinator Piano/Pedagogy
Sarah Hartley Adjunct Professor Class Piano
Michael Mastronicola Adjunct Professor Piano
Lynne Radcliffe Adjunct Professor Piano
Gary Smart Adjunct Professor Piano/Composition/Improvisation


Name Position Area
Nick Curry Associate Professor & Area Coordinator Cello
Melissa Barrett Adjunct Professor Violin
Christopher Chappell Adjunct Professor Violin
DJ Cheek Adjunct Professor Viola
Grace Bahng Gavin Adjunct Professor Cello
Simon Shiao Associate Professor Violin/Viola
John Voss Adjunct Professor  String Techniques/Pedagogy
John Wieland Adjunct Professor Bass


Name Position Area
Stephen Gosden  Assistant Professor & Area Coordinator Theory/History
Stephanie Magnus  Adjunct Professor Theory/History
Sarah Caissie Provost  Associate Professor Theory/History
Scott Swan  Adjunct Professor Theory/History


Name Position Area
James Hall Associate Professor & Area Coordinator Tenor
Dina Barone Adjunct Professor Contralto
Adina Diehl Visiting Instructor Voice
Brittany Fouché Adjunct Professor Soprano
Holly Hammond Adjunct Professor Voice
Tommy Shapard Adjunct Professor Sacred Music
Marilyn Smart Adjunct professor Voice
Cara Tasher Professor & Director of Choral Activities Voice


Name Position Area
Michael Bovenzi Associate Professor & Area Coordinator Saxophone
Ann Adams Adjunct Professor      Oboe
Erin Bodnar Assistant Professor & Director of Bands Woodwinds
Gordon R. Brock Professor Emeritus Woodwinds
Rhonda Cassano Adjunct Professor Flute
Conrad Cornelison Adjunct Professor Bassoon
Patrick Graham Adjunct Professor Clarinet
Xiaodi Liu Adjunct Professor Oboe
Gia Sastre Adjunct Professor Flute
Sunshine Simmons Assistant Professor Clarinet

Music Office Staff

Name  Position  Area
Lamar Boyde Admissions Coordinator & Recital Hall Manager Music Office
Courtney Diaz Office Manager Music Office
Kolanda Douglas Marketing Coordinator Music Office
Brittany Santos Accounting Coordinator Music Office