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Treble Chorus Ospreys in choir

Certificate of Sacred Music*

The Certificate of Sacred Music (15 credit hours) prepares students for employment as sacred musicians and provides a foundation for those wishing to pursue graduate study in the field. Through core courses MUR 3802 Sacred Music Leadership and Administration, MUR 3721 Congregational Song, and MUR 3302 Liturgical Planning: Music and Ritual, students receive an opportunity to examine their own faith communities and practices while also learning about the customs, songs, and rituals of other traditions. The elective courses allow students to specialize in an area within the field of sacred music such as the arts, sound and technology, and comparative religions. The Certificate of Sacred Music is a rare opportunity and a highly attractive choice for both music majors and non-majors pursuing training for real world opportunities.

Eligibility: Students in any major; non-degree seeking students. Courses in this certificate program require department permission for registration.

Students who do not have a background in reading music and basic music theory should participate in ensembles and enroll in MUT1011: Fundamentals of Music, before taking the remaining certificate courses.

Certificate of Sacred Music (12 credits)

Choose One or More of the Following Courses (3 credits)

*This program is under review and will not be accepting applications at this time. 

**Music majors should take 3 credit hours in addition to major ensemble

***Non-voice majors only