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teacher assisting student in piano class

Accelerated Bachelor of Music to Master of Music in Music Education

Program Highlights:

The accelerated BM to MM program allows students to complete both degrees in what is typically less than six years. This pathway also allows students to take graduate courses at undergraduate tuition rates. Students will graduate with the Bachelor's degree before the Master's degree, allowing them to get a job with the Bachelor's degree and teach full-time while finishing the Master's degree coursework in the evenings and during the summers. 


Educators who have a Master's degree are:

  • More effective
  • Eligible for a higher salary in most school districts
  • Able to work as a department chair or administrator
  • Able to work as an instructor at the collegiate level

Requirements to Apply:

Students who have achieved upper division status (passed all four semesters of theory, aural theory, and class piano, and passed sophomore barrier jury or equivalent) may speak to Music Education faculty to submit an application. Students must have a GPA of 3.25 or above, a record of professionalism in academics and personal conduct, passing scores on all portions of the FLDOE General Education exam, and a recommendation from other music faculty members.