Past Colloquia Speakers

Throughout the academic year the Department of Mathematics & Statistics provides its students with opportunities to interact and learn of research currently taking place. The department thanks all those who have taken the time to make a difference in student education.


Dr. Peter Dragnev (Indiana-Purdue University)


Mr. David Edwards (University of Tennessee)
Ms. Jing Zhang (University of Missouri)
Ms. Asuman Turkmen (Auburn University)
Ms. Cornelia Van Cott (Indiana University)
Dr. Bogdan Visinescu (University of North Florida)
Dr. Beyza Aslan (University of Alabama)
Ms. Lesley Wiglesworth (University of Louisville)
Dr. Morgan Sherman (Calstate Channel Islands)
Ms. Lorena Bociu (University of Virginia) 


Dr. David Benko (Western Kentucky University)
Dr. Steve Rosenberg (Boston University)


Dr. Ming Liao (Auburn University)
Dr. Gary Gadbury (University of Missouri - Rolla)
Dr. Billy Rhoades (University of Indiana)


Dr. Patrick DeLeenheer (University of Florida)
Dr. Michael Lauzon (Brown University)
Dr. DeWitt Sumners and Ms. Debbie Smith (Florida State University)


None listed


Dr. Natasa Macura (Oberlin College)
Mr. Wataru Ishizuka (University of Kentucky)
Mr. Genming Shi (Old Dominion University)
Dr. Ernest Fokoue (Ohio State University)
Dr. Michael Knapp (University of Rochester)
Dusan Repovs (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Mr. Pulak Ghosh (Oakland University)
Mr. Mehmet Dik (Hendrix College)
Mr. Frederic Zerla (University of South Florida)


Mr. Frank Yi (Vistakon)
Dr. John Lavery (Army Research Office)
Dr. Patricia Smith (Alpha Stat Consulting)


Dr. Myles Hollander (Florida State University)
Dr. Lyubomir Boyadjiev (Technical University of Sofia)
Dr. George Yanev (University of South Florida)
Dr. Gabriel Prajitura (Bucknell University)
Dr. Irina Popovici (University of California, Los Angeles)
Dr. Mohamed Ben Rhouma (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Dr. Michael Raines (Western Michigan University)
Dr. Lei Li (Florida State University)
Dr. Douglas Quinney (Keele University)
Dr. James Keesling (University of Florida)
Mr. Ruihua Liu (University of Georgia)
Dr. Michael Malisoff (Texas A & M)
Dr. Bruce Driver (University of California, San Diego)
Ms. Heather Goodling (Bank of America)
Dr. Robert L. Taylor (University of Georgia)
Mr. Peter Silva (Nielson Media Research)


Mr. Kevin Robinson (University of Florida)
Ms. Jill Thomley Richie (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Ms. Juliet Carl (Santa Fe Community College
Dr. James Cochran (University of Cincinnati)
Dr. Carol Walker (New Mexico State University)
Dr. Elbert Walker (New Mexico State University)
Ms. Soledad Fernandez (Iowa State University)
Dr. Salah Mohammed (Southern Illinois University)
Dr. Alan Agresti (University of Florida)
Dr. Vadim Komkov (University of West Virginia)


Dr. Joe Padgett (University of South Carolina)
Dr. Kaushik Ghosh (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Dr. Nidhan Choudhuri (University of Michigan)
Dr. Bryan Hearsey (Lebanon Valley College of Pennsylvania)
Dr. Peter Hilton (Oxford University)
Dr. Harley Flanders (University of North Florida)
Dr. Deivy Petrescu (Broward Community College)
Dr. Patrick McDonald (New College of University of South Florida)
Dr. Shouhong Wang (Indiana University)
Dr. Pi-Ehr Lin (Florida State University)
Dr. Richard Palais (Brandeis University)