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Undergraduate Program

Majors Offered

The UNF Mathematics and Statistics Department offers five majors for undergraduates in both mathematics and statistics.

Programs in Mathematics

Program of Study - B. A. in Mathematics

Program of Study - B. S. in Mathematics

Program of Study - B. S. in Discrete Analysis

Program of Study - B. S. in Applied Mathematics

Programs in Statistics

Program of Study - B. A. in Statistics

Program of Study - B. S. in Statistics

Program of Study - B. S. in Actuarial Science

All majors must fulfill the University's general education requirements and graduation requirements.

It is recommended that prospective mathematics and statistics majors elect strong science options in their freshman and sophomore years.

All mathematics and statistics majors must have a minor.

Bachelor of Science students must select their minors from the approved list.

Minors Offered

There are two minors offered by the Mathematics & Statistics Department.

Program of Study - Mathematics Minor

Program of Study - Statistics Minor


All students are encouraged to speak to the College of Arts and Science's Advising office located in Building 51, Room 2500 when changing their major, minor, or when they have other significant academic changes. Freshman and sophomores with less than 60 hours of credits must meet with the First Year Advising Office located in Building 2, Room 2120 at least once a year (if not more) to plan their academic schedules. Mathematics and Statistics majors and minors are strongly encouraged to speak to the Department's Undergraduate Program Director as well. Call the department at (904) 620-2653 to obtain an appointment.

Honors Program in Mathematics and Statistics

The University provides Honors students with several benefits including:

  • Priority Registration - you'll get the classes you want!,
  • Honors Housing in the Crossings
  • Honors Scholarships
  • One-on-One Advising
  • Classes capped at 20 students, International Travel with Scholarship Support,
  • Internships at the Washington Center
  • All Honors classes taught by professors
  • Discussion based classes
  • Facilitation Opportunities, and more!

A student may apply for the honors program after completing at least Calculus I, Calculus II, and one other mathematics or statistics course (that counts toward the major) at the 3000-level or above. An overall GPA of at least 3.25 for courses at or above the level of Calculus I is required. Once accepted into the program, a student will work with a faculty member to select courses and to complete an honors project. Please see department chair for details.