2010 UNF Conference on Summability and Applications 
October 29-30, 2010

UNF hosted the 2010 UNF Conference on Summability and Applications in October 2010. Numerous presenters from around the world took part.  


 Richard Patterson (rpatters@unf.edu)
University of North Florida

Martin Buntinas (mbuntin@luc.edu)
Loyola University,Chicago

Hosting Committee

UNF Math/Stat Club and UNF SIAM chapter 



Name University Title
Hifsi Altinok Firat University (Turkey) Statistical Convergence and p-Cesaro Summability of Order for Difference Sequences of Fuzzy Numbers
Salih Aytar Süleyman Demeril U (Turkey) Rough Statistically Cauchy Sequences
Kamalmani Baral  Tribhuvan University (Nepal) Generalization on the Characterization of Matrix Maps
Jeff Connor Ohio University Asymptotically Equivalent Matrices in an Ideal Setting
Gokulananda Das Institute of Math & Appl (India) Degree of Approximation in Besov Space
Binod Prasad Dhakal Tribhuvan U (Nepal) The Euler-Cesàro means of the Fourier series
Mohmoud El-Borai Alexandria University (Egypt) On the solvability of an inverse factional abstract Cauchy problem
Constantine Georgakis DePaul University Review of Work of Billy Rhoades on Hausdorff Transformations
Hafize Gok Ohio University Matrix Transformations between cI(Δ)and cI spaces
Ayşe Nur Güncan Süleyman Demeril U (Turkey) Statistical Convergence of Sequences of Dual Numbers
Vatan Karakaya

Tildiz Technical University


Difference Sequence Spaces Derived by Generalized Weighted Means
Kazim Khan Kent State University Summability in Topological Spaces
S.K. Mishra Tribhuvan University (Nepal) TBA
Ram N. Mohapatra University of Central Florida Use of Summability Matrices as Operators for Approximation of Functions
Mahpeyker Ozturk Sakarya University TBA
Richard Patterson University of North Florida Rate of P-Convergence over Equivalent Classes of Double Sequence Spaces
Billy Rhoades Indiana University Some Remarks on some General Hausdorff Matrices
Ekrem Savaş Istanbul Ticaret University On Infinite Matrices and (sigma,lambda)-Convergence
Necip Simsek Istanbul Ticaret University Some Geometrical Properties of lambda-Sequence Spaces
Jai Singh Barry University Karmarkar’s Algorithm in Linear Programming and its place in Computational Optimization
Chris Stuart New Mexico State University On the Nikodym and Absolute Summability Properties