Seminars and Colloquia    2018-2019


Title of Talk



Dr. Minah Oh, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

James Madison University  

An Introduction to Finite Element Methods

Abstract: When using computers to find a good approximation of the solution to a given problem, we want to use computational methods that are not only fast but also mathematically proven to give an accurate approximation. In this talk, we will discuss the importance of careful mathematical analysis of efficient computer algorithms and learn about popular numerical methods called the finite element methods (FEMs) that have a solid mathematical theory behind them. Additional to presenting the applications of the FEMs, I will also talk about what problems a mathematical error in these computational methods can cause. This talk will be accessible to undergraduate students that have seen calculus and a bit of linear algebra.


 Friday, Jan. 31st




UNF Math and Stat Club 

Actuarial Recruiting

Come learn about careers in Actuarial Science at Florida Blue and about Summer Internship Opportunities. Activities begin at 11:30am. Representatives from Florida Blue will be conducting intern and full time position interviews on Friday, September 21st, 2018.


  • Food and Meet and greet at 11:30am
  • Talk will take place 12:15-1:15pm.


What do I need to do?  

  • By September 17th, submit your CV to
  • Additionally, bring a copy of your CV to the presentation.


 September 20th, 2018.


11:30 am 


Dr. Dumitru and Dr. Franco/UNF 

Basics of Quantum Information Theory

This semester we will be covering the basics of Quantum Information and Quantum Computation. Our goal is to cover the physical aspects of Quantum computation up to Schrof’s algorithm



10 am