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UNF Math Center and Lounge

UNF Math Center and Lounge is a place where students enrolled in math/stat classes can receive assistance in addition to the scheduled instruction in their classes and lab meetings.  Some of the services offered by the Math Center are:

  • Help/review sessions: In the Lounge
  • Workshops: On topics that would serve the entire campus, students and faculty
  • Events: On special days, such as Pi Day
  • Talks: On topics that are of interest to campus given by invited faculty members
  • Research consulting: For faculty members who are trying to connect with a suitable math/stat faculty on a specific topic


Once you have signed up for New Student Orientation you can access the ALEKS math placement exam through the Math Placement Course in Canvas located in your myWings account. We strongly encourage you to utilize the practice modules to develop your math skills. The math test is a review of Algebra II. Please study the following concepts: exponential rules (multiplication and division); scientific notation; factoring; two equations with two unknowns; linear inequalities; percentages; rational expressions (multiplication, addition and subtraction); equations with radicals; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of polynomials; quadratic inequalities; functions; rational fractions; slopes and equations of lines; perpendicular and parallel lines; and solving equations with radicals.

ALEKS math placement concordance chart 

Review sessions

College Algebra



Midterm and final exam prep

Meetings and events

Pi Day Workshops Talks

Middle/HS Math days

Math Teachers' Workshop

Student activities

Student Clubs at UNF

American Mathematical Society

Association for Women in Mathematics

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Contact us:

Staff: Dr. Richard Patterson, Director

Location: Building 15, Room 2102

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon. - Fri.

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Want to work at the Math Center? Send an email to