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 Department of Mathematics and Statistics Faculty Research


  • Dumitru Raluca, Longitudinal Dynamic Functional Regression, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C, Royal Statistical Society, vol. 69(1), (2020), 25-46, joint with A. M. Staicu, Md N. Islam, and Eric van Heugten.
  • Dumitru, Raluca and Franco, Jose A., Generalized Hellinger Metrics and Audenaert's In-Betweenness, Linear Algebra and Applications, 585, (2020), 191-198.
  • Dumitru, Raluca, Franco, Jose A., Fundamental Theorems of Summability Theory for a New Type of Subsequences of Double Sequences, Journal of Classical Analysis, 15(1), (2019), 23–33.
  • Dumitru, Raluca, Franco, Jose A., On some trace inequalities, Mathematical Inequalities and Applications, 23(2), (2020), 467-476, joint with Dinh, Trung Hoa.
  • Dumitru, Raluca, Franco, Jose A., Some geometric properties of matrix means with respect to different distance functions, POSITIVITY, (2020),joint with Dinh, Trung Hoa.
  • Dumitru, Raluca, Franco, Jose A., On the Matrix Heron Means and Renyi Divergences, Linear Multilinear Algebra, (2020), joint with Dinh, Trung Hoa.
  • Lee, Jae-Ho, Grassmann graphs, degenerate DAHA, and non-symmetric dual q-Hahn polynomials, Linear Algebra and its Applications, 588 (2020), 160 -195.
  • Patterson, Richard, Multidimensional Linear Functional Connected with Double Strong Cesaro Summability, Indian J. Pure Appl. Math., 51(1): 143-153,  with R. Savas and E. Savas.
  • Wang, Kening, An anti-windup approach for nonlinear impulsive system subject to actuator saturation, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Vol. 133, 2020, 109658.

To Appear

  • Bell, Denis, Limit Theorems for Singular Stochastic Integrals, to appear in Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics.
  • DeDeo Michelle, A Graph Energy Upper Bound using Spectral Moments, to appear in Congressus Numerantium.
  • Dumitru, Raluca, Franco, Jose A., and Patterson, Richard, Regular Methods of Summability and the Banach-Saks Property for Double Sequences, to appear in Filomat.
  • Genova, Daniela, D. Genova, H.J. Hoogeboom, N. Jonoska, Companions and an Essential Motion of a Reaction System, to appear in  Fundamenta Informaticae.
  • Patterson, Richard, Gauge Strongly Summability of Measurable Functions, to appear in Journal of Carpathian Journal of Mathematics, with R. Savas
  • Patterson, Richard, Multidimensional Statistical Convergence of Functions via Ideal, to appear in Proceedings of the Jangjeon Mathematical Society, with R. Savas.
  • Patterson, Richard, I2-Lacunary Strongly Summability for Multidimensional Measurable Functionsto appear in  Publications de L'Institut Mathematique, with R. Savas.
  • Wang, Kening,A balancing domain decomposition by constraints preconditioner for a C0 interior penalty method, to appear in the Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods, with S.C. Brenner, E.-H. Park, and L.-Y. Sung.
  • Wang, Kening, P1 Finite Element Methods for a Weighted Elliptic State-Constrained Optimal Control Problem, to appear in Numerical Algorithms, with L. Ma and M. Oh.