Meet the Department of Mathematics & Statistics Faculty

Department Chair       Richard F. Patterson


Name Research Area
Denis Bell   Stochastic analysis, measures on vector spaces 
Adel Boules Numerical partial differential equations, matrix computations, linear programming
Ognjen Milatovic Partial differential equations, spectral theory of partial differential operators
Richard F. Patterson Summability
Ping Sa Linear models, response surface methodology, statistical inference
Jingcheng Tong General topology, number theory, analysis
Mei-Qin Zhan

Applied mathematics, partial differential equations, numerical analysis  


Associate Professor
Name Research Area
Beyza Aslan   Lightning modeling and data analysis, PDE's, applied PDE's, and numerical analysis
Devrim Bilgili     Statistical genetics, survival analysis
Elena Buzaiau Ranking and selection, multiple comparisons, sequential analysis
Malgorzata Czerwinska Operator theory, functional analysis, symmetric operator spaces
Michelle DeDeo Analytic number theory, number theoretic approaches to graph theory
Dan Dreibelbis Geometry, differential geometry, singularity theory
Raluca Dumitru C*-algebras, quantum groups, von neumann algebras, k-theory, dynamical theory
Jose Franco   Representation theory of Lie groups
Daniela Genova Biomolecular computing, formal language theory, structural graph theory
James Gleaton Analysis of quantitative data, statistics
Sami Hamid Operator theory, functional analysis
Scott Hochwald Operator theory, analysis, number theory
Mahbubar Rahman Stochastic differential equations, computational mathematical biology, numerical analysis and scientific computing
Kening Wang

Numerical analysis, scientific computing, finite element methods, domain decomposition methods and their parallel implementation, discontinuous galerkin methods, time-harmonic maxwell equation

Qiang Zhen  Applied probability, asymptotic and singular perturbation methods


Assistant Professor
Name Research Area
Jae-Ho Lee Algebraic combinatorics, Distance-regular graphs, Representation theory.   
Yisu Jia Time series, Markov chains, Statistical climatology.


Name      Teaching Area
Hugh Cornell Mathematics
Jongsook Han   Mathematics
Luminita Razaila   Mathematics and Statistics
Paul Rowe   Mathematics and Statistics
Jaimee Stewart 



Visiting Instructors
Name      Research Area
Danielle Hoyt  
Peter Wludyka Industrial statistics, statistical methods useful in quality improvement


Emeritus Professor
Name      Research Area
William Caldwell      
Faiz Al-Rubaee   Low-dimensional topology and knot theory
Leonard Lipkin

Partial differential equations, analytic functions of several real and complex variables, nonlinear optimization 

Donna Mohr Applications of statistics, time series, growth curves Statistical genetics, survival analysis
Peter Wludyka   Industrial statistics, statistical methods useful in quality improvement
Pali Sen

Stochastic models, deterministic models, estimation theory 

William Wilson    



Graduate Assistants
Name Track of Study
Carol (Kara) Bahri Statistics
  Prince Buti Statistics
Jeremy Freda Mathematics
Joseph Free Mathematics
Murpy Griffin Mathematics
Jenna Harwick Mathematics
David House Statistics
Joyce Huang Statistics
Sierra Inks Statistics
Rhys Jones Statistics
Parul Marulendra Statistics
Joseph Hours Mathematics
Imtithal Safar Statistics
Cecelia Schmidt Statistics
Jamal Shabani Mathematics
Madison Simpson Statistics
Jianxiong Zhan Statistics