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Testimonials from Recent Graduates

As a graduate student in the math and stat department at UNF, the staff and faculty quickly became my second family. The knowledgeable professors helped me become a better worker and teacher.

I am now a Ph.D. student in NC and find myself better prepared in comparison to students from other schools. I also miss the benefits of the small class sizes and all the professors at UNF who truly cared about my well being and growth.

Louanne Beversdorf, Ph.D. student- Statistical Genetics
B.S. 2003 and M.S. 2008 (both from UNF) 

The training I received through the University of North Florida's Masters of Science in Mathematics program has been extremely useful in my career goals of becoming a fully credentialed actuary. The coursework has given me an edge in understanding material covered on the preliminary actuarial exams offered by the Casualty Actuary Society (CAS) and Society of Actuaries (SOA). I have been able to apply the knowledge gained by taking Mathematical Statistics and Probability to exam P/1 – Probability. Financial Mathematics has proved very useful in taking FM/2 – Financial Mathematics and MFE/3F – Mathematics of Financial Economics. Currently, I am studying to take exam 3L – Statistics and Life Contingencies, for which, the foundations taught in Probability, Statistical Computing, Statistical Quality Control, Categorical Data Analysis and Advanced Linear Algebra have given me the ability to fully understand the material that I am learning. I believe these courses, as well as others that I have taken will also translate into a successful attempt when I take 4/C – Construction and Evaluation of Actuarial Models in November.


Beyond being able to apply my learning experiences towards passing the actuary exams, my UNF education has provided a stepping stool in practical applications at work. The projects and homework assignments gave me the ability to learn SAS, FORTRAN and other programming languages which have allowed me to excel as one of the primary programmers in my area. I have been able to apply the theories learned in class to solve problems on a regular basis. Earning my Masters in Mathematics- Statistics emphasis- also gave me a competitive edge when my initial job search began. I truly believe that without those experiences given to me by the wonderful professors at UNF, I would find it difficult to excel in my career and grow as an individual.


In gearing more courses to prepare students for the “real world” I would suggest increasing the number of classes with application purposes or increasing the application portion of the classes currently offered. For the those pursuing the actuary route, adding a time series course would be very beneficial, as would any other insurances or finance coursework.


- Karen Jordan
M.S. 2008