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22nd Annual Advanced Placement Statistics Summer Institute 2018

University of North Florida, Jacksonville July 16-19 This is an officially endorsed College Board AP Institute

The Advanced Placement Statistics Summer Institute is designed for all AP Statistics teachers, whether new or experienced.

Course Overview:

This course will focus on effective strategies for helping students master the essential concepts and methods of AP Statistics. We will examine resources for classroom instruction, assessment, technology, projects, and AP exam preparation. In addition, we will discuss issues related to planning and administering the course, such as student selection, pacing, and the AP Audit.

Course Objectives:

Participants will:

  1. Examine effective instructional strategies for teaching AP Statistics to a diverse group of students.
  2. Deepen their understanding of statistical concepts and methods in data analysis, study design, probability, and statistical inference.
  3. Utilize technology to promote statistical thinking. Develop facility with using graphing calculators and computer software to analyze data and to perform simulations.
  4. Explore a variety of ways to assess student learning.


Paul Myers has taught mathematics and statistics for 48 years, including 8 years in Europe & Africa, 32 years at Woodward Academy, 2 years at Georgia Tech, and 6 years at The Paideia School in Atlanta, where he is currently serving as Department Chairman. He has been an AP Statistics and Pre-AP Mathematics consultant for The College Board and a Fathom software consultant since 1997 and has conducted one-day and week long summer AP Statistics workshops in 45 States, China and Germany, including the AP National Conference. Paul is a frequent presenter at conferences focusing on statistics, data analysis, simulation and appropriate use of technology. Paul's recent projects include conducting Stimulating Simulations workshops, developing a 9th grade Visualization course, and teaching a full year post-AP Statistics Data Science course.

For more information regarding the AP Statistics Summer Institute please contact Dr. Scott Hochwald at (904)620-3730 or