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Academic Information for Foreign Language Students

Academic Integrity

Students are urged to read the Academic Integrity section of the Student Handbook.

Academic Learning Compact

An Academic Learning Compact (ALC) is a statement of what students will know and be able to do upon completion of an undergraduate academic program. Students are urged to read the ALCs for the Department majors: French and Spanish.

Auditing Courses

Students may audit language courses. Please contact the department for more information.

Course Credit

  • Of the 30 required hours to complete a major in French Studies or Spanish, students must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours of French or Spanish at the 3000-level or above at the University of North Florida. No more than 15 hours at the upper level (5 courses) may be transferred from another institution into the the minor in Chinese, major in French Studies or Spanish. No more than 6 hours (2 courses) may be transferred from another institution into the minor in French or Spanish.
  • Students who come to UNF without the prerequisite courses may take such courses here or elsewhere. Students may receive major credit for a total of no more than 6 hours in workshops, practica and internships
  • Undergraduate students must earn a C or above in all courses that apply toward completion of requirements in its major and minor programs.
  • The material covered in one semester of intensive language instruction (SPN 1134 Accelerated Beginning Spanish, 6 credit hours) is roughly equivalent to that covered in two semesters of non-intensive instruction.


Entering French and Spanish students who have studied either language at the high school level should take a placement test before registering for language courses at UNF. Heritage speakers of Spanish are encouraged to take the online placement test as well. Students may contact the department office in order to obtain instructions to take the placement test. Native speakers of French or Spanish should meet with the department chair to determine an appropriate first class for their foreign language studies at UNF.

Study Abroad

In order to be granted language credit, students who study abroad with other than a UNF-sponsored program must present a valid transcript from a nationally accredited foreign or American university. The Department of of Languages, Literatures and Cultures will not accept credits awarded by a language institute unless an accredited institution of higher learning provides a valid transcript on behalf of the institute.