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Retroactive Credit in Chinese, French and Spanish


Students who enroll in Chinese, French or Spanish at the University of North Florida are eligible to receive up to 6 credit hours of retroactive credit as determined by course placement and satisfactory completion of specific language courses. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that students place at the appropriate level of instruction in a foreign language sequence.


            If a student places at the intermediate I level, s/he may receive a maximum of four (4) hours of retroactive credit for Beginning Language II upon completion of the intermediate-level sequence I and II.  


            If a student places at the Intermediate II level, s/he is eligible for three (3) hours of retroactive credit (equivalent to Intermediate I) pending completion of Intermediate Language II with a grade of C or above.


            If a student places at the 3000-level, s/he will be eligible for a maximum of six (6) hours of retroactive credit upon completion of upper-level foreign language courses.


*A student will receive three (3) credits of Intermediate-level (I) language upon completion (with a grade of C or above) of a 3000-level class in Chinese, French or Spanish. Students will receive an additional three (3) credits of Intermediate-level (II) language after completing a second 3000-level language class with a grade of C or above.


Students who wish to receive retroactive credit must apply for the credits in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures after their final grades have been assigned and recorded in the relevant courses. The UNF Registrar will add the retroactive credits to the student’s transcript with no grade assigned. These credits will not be computed into the GPA, but they will count toward degree requirements as appropriate.


**Students will pay an administrative fee of $20.00 per 3-4 credit hours course for which retroactive credit has been awarded.


Please Note: The retroactive credit policy applies only to language courses taken at UNF. (Transfer courses from another university and study abroad courses are not eligible to earn retroactive credits).