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Internship in Spanish

Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

SPN 4940 Internship in Spanish: Information and Guidelines

Definition and Purpose of Internship in Spanish: 

An internship is a credit-earning educational opportunity in which a student secures a position in a work setting (a business, a company, a school, a non-profit organization, a government agency or office, for example). To obtain credit for an internship in Spanish, you would use your language skills and your cultural awareness to perform a variety of tasks as determined by the internship provider and the faculty supervisor. The purpose of an internship in Spanish is to provide a student with the chance to apply his or her academic training and skills in a professional setting and also allows students to acquire hands-on professional experience that supplements a formal academic program of study.

How to Arrange an Internship in Spanish: 

Locate an internship that is of interest to you by contacting the College of Arts and Sciences Career Success Center. Ms. Liz Arflin is the designated Career Coordinator for foreign language majors. The Career Success Center maintains a listing of available internships. Another possibility might be to contact non-profit agencies in Duval County that serve culturally diverse populations. The city of Jacksonville also has listings of open internships and volunteer positions and you may be able to connect with a suitable group with a need for Spanish speakers. The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures cannot find the internship for you.

It is essential to plan for an internship well in advance as the arrangements and internship format will need Departmental approval; all necessary permissions and the internship agreement must be in place at least two weeks prior to the start the registration period for the semester in which you wish to do the internship.

Academic Requirements and Evaluation of the Internship in Spanish: 

All internships must meet certain criteria in order to receive academic credit that may be applied to the B.A. degree in Spanish and the internship must be pre-approved by the LLC Department Chair. Students who wish to do an internship in Spanish must have already completed the following courses: SPN 3242, SPN 3300, SPW 3030 and two additional SPN/SPW upper-level courses and have a minimum GPA of 2.5. An internship in Spanish must have a faculty supervisor from the Spanish section willing to work with the student intern and with the intern’s supervisor/facilitator at the establishment providing the internship. A written, signed agreement detailing the location and the exact duties of the internship and the requirements for the final, written assignment is required. The number of hours to be spent at the place of the internship must be between 150-160 total hours for the semester.


In some cases, in addition to a written, reflective assignment turned into the faculty supervisor at the end of the term, an “internship portfolio” should be maintained. This might include teaching materials a student intern has developed if the internship involves teaching, written materials translated into Spanish for a county or non-profit agency, or other tangible evidence that attests to the work you have done as part of the internship.


Please feel free to contact the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures for more information (904 620-2282).