French Study Abroad Program in Strasbourg

The French Study Abroad program, five weeks of intensive language and culture study in Strasbourg, France, is for students with at least one year of college-level French. Language classes are taught by native speakers at the Centre international d’études de langues (CIEL). The culture course is taught by the UNF faculty leader. Students earn six credit hours which count toward satisfying the UNF requirement for summer enrollment. Lodging is arranged with French host families. Students must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid passport. (Passports must be applied for by December 1.)

The City of Strasbourg

Seat of the Council of Europe and meeting place for the European Parliament, a mere city bus ride from Germany, and an hour train ride from Switzerland, Strasbourg sits at the center of the new Europe. As the capital of the historic province of Alsace, it also charms with its traditional architecture and cuisine. At its heart sits one of the jewels of medieval Europe, the rose-colored stone cathedral of Strasbourg.


The Academic Program

Students register for Summer C term for  FOL2952 Intermediate Foreign Language Study Abroad, or FOL3953 Advanced Foreign Language Study Abroad, depending on their previous language preparation. All students register for FRT3550 Faces of France. Tuition is paid through normal procedures. Cost of UNF tuition is not included in the price of the program. 

CIEL is a language school affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce of Strasbourg. Classes are held Monday through Friday, three hours a day. Students’ placement is determined by written examination administered before departure. The student body is a mix of multiple nationalities for whom French is the common language. With its modern facilities, native instructors and homestays, CIEL provides an excellent learning environment.

Faces of France, taught by the UNF faculty leader, examines social, political, and cultural issues in contemporary France, with insight into their historical context. The class meets three afternoons a week. Regular excursions in the city of Strasbourg and the surrounding province of Alsace, plus a three-day weekend trip to Paris complement the readings and discussions during class meetings.



CIEL places students with French host families so that the learning process continues outside the classroom in a continual immersion experience. Families provide two meals a day, breakfast, and dinner.



This program was awarded TLO (Transformational Learning Opportunity) funds for all degree-seeking students in good standing participating in 2018. With 12 students, each will receive $1,583 of TLO funds (final TLO amount will be based on the number of students participating).

  • Estimated total cost for the five-week program is $5,883.
  • Twelve program participants, depending upon their financial aid status, will be eligible for $1,583 of TLO funding.
  • Students will be charged through their student account $2,190, which covers overseas medical insurance, CIEL books and fees, Strasbourg lodging with two meals a day, excursions in Alsace, museum entrances, group train tickets, as well as metro tickets and hotel in Paris.
  • Students will also need to pay on their own (1) air fare, (2) books for Faces of France, and (3) personal expenses such as lunches and bus/tram tickets in Strasbourg, and all meals in Paris. These three costs are estimated at $2,110.
  • Any money left over after the end of the program will be refunded to participants.

NOTE:  UNF tuition not included in the calculations above, must be paid separately when registering for the Summer C term.



         * First Payment ($500) . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . ..  Jan 26, 2018

         * Second Payment (Est. at $1690) . . . . . . . . ........  Feb 23, 2018


              Total Student Payment  =   $2,190 (after TLO funds applied) 


Note:  The total program cost is a best estimate based on current information. Events and forces beyond UNF's control (e.g. rate of exchange fluctuations, changes in lodging prices) may and do sometimes affect the actual program cost. Students are responsible for paying any increases in the total program cost if this does occur.


Participants purchase their own airline tickets and commit to arrival in Strasbourg by Saturday, May 19, 2018 (must depart US no later than Friday, May 18).


All participants are obligated to undergo the International Center safety orientation and participate in the faculty leader's orientation process.


Click here for 2018 Summer Term Abroad in Strasbourg, France Brochure.