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French Language

French is spoken on five continents by over 200 million people in 43 countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. It is an official working language of the United Nations, UNESCO, the International Red Cross, the International Monetary Fund, the Council of Europe, and European Union, and other international organizations.

Moreover, it is an indispensable vehicle for understanding the literature and culture of France, Belgium, Québec, Haiti, North Africa, West Africa, and many other regions. French is the second most studied foreign language in the United States and Europe.

The study of French, therefore, not only allows entry into a community of speakers endowed with a rich and diverse culture, but also it enhances employment opportunities in such fields as international business, international agencies, the diplomatic service, hotel management, travel and tourism, international law, education and many more. Many French Studies majors opt as well to pursue their passion for language, literature and culture at the graduate level.

The department offers:

  • The Major: Bachelor of Arts in French (30 credit hours after the intermediate level)
  • The Minor: Minor in French (15 credit hours after the beginning level)

At UNF, many students choose to satisfy the College of Arts and Sciences Foreign Language/Foreign Culture requirement by taking French. Both the International Business and the International Studies major require the completion of two years of a foreign language. Also, given the language's longstanding reputation, students may opt to couple their studies in other areas with a major in French Studies so as to expand their professional options.

The Department encourages students to study abroad by working in conjunction with the UNF International Center. The Department sponsors a summer program in Strasbourg, France. Students may also study independently in different areas of the French-speaking world.

Major General Requirements

Students may earn a Bachelor of Arts in French Studies by completing 30 credit hours of courses above the 2000 level. The French Studies program offers courses in French and English in the areas of French language, French and Francophone literature and culture, French and European history, art history, philosophy, politics, and business. Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in all prerequisite and major courses.

In addition to satisfying general university criteria for admission, students wishing to enter the degree program leading to the BA in French Studies must have prior preparation in French equivalent to the intermediate level. Students entering the university with previous course work in French should meet with French faculty or the language coordinator to determine their level of proficiency and proper placement. The Department has implemented a computerized placement test in French that will greatly aid in the correct placement of students.

Major Policies Governing Program Planning, Graduation, Grades

  • Final free electives and upper level hours will depend on the major electives selected. Lower level courses may affect total upper hours that may need to be taken for graduation.
  • Important note: students must earn the appropriate number of upper level and overall hours to graduate (even if the major requires lower level courses).
  • A minimum of 120 semester hours is required for graduation (48 hours must be upper level).
  • All prerequisites, major, minor, world language (if applicable), foreign culture, and Gordon Rule courses require grades of “C” or higher.
  • Third repeats of attempted courses, including W, WP, WF, F, and courses in which passing grades were earned, will be assessed excess hour surcharges.
 Exceptions include courses approved to repeat academic credit (students should consult their academic advisor).
  • Students must pass or meet exemption criteria for all sections of the CLAST exam prior to earning an AA and before earning 36 upper level hours.
  • Students who started at a state university prior to earning 60 semester hours must satisfy the 9 hour summer requirement before being approved for graduation.
  • All students must apply to graduate during registration for the last semester of courses at UNF.
  • An approved dual/concurrent enrollment form is required prior to registering for courses at another institution.
  • Students may not enroll at another institution during their last semester at UNF. Graduation will most likely be delayed for students who do attempt dual/concurrent enrollment in their last semester.