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Santander study abroad group in 2018


Spring 2021 Course Offerings

This page lists Spring 2021 courses that count toward the International Studies major and minor. This document is for use by students who are under the 2020-2021 catalog. International Studies majors who are under catalogs from prior years should consult this page instead. Talk to David Kersey in COAS Academic Advising if you need guidance on this.


A few reminders:

  • Students should consult with their academic adviser each semester to ensure that they are making appropriate progress toward completion of their degree. Make an appointment through MyWings. Also, see our Advising Checklist.
  • Students in the International Studies major should begin completion of the Foreign Language Requirement as early as possible. For help, see Foreign Language Study.
  • Further information on courses, including delivery method/times and locations, can be found in the online course schedule.
  • Courses listed here are subject to change and cancellation.
  • Students must meet established prerequisites to enroll in any course.
  • This list is subject to revision. Courses will not be removed, unless canceled or listed in error, but corrections may be made, or additional courses added. 

Suggested Lower-Level Electives 

WOH1012 (GW) World History I

WOH1022 (GW) World History II

These lower-level courses are not required prerequisites for any upper-level courses on this list, and cannot count toward the International Studies major itself. They are, however, good preparation for upper-level courses in history, international relations and other areas. Both are options in the "Thinking Critically" category of UNF's General Education Requirements. Both also count toward the Gordon Rule writing requirement.

Foundation Courses

CPO2002 Intro To Comparative Politics

INR2002 Intro to Intl Relations

CPO2002 Introduction to Comparative Politics and INR2002 Introduction to International Relations are not prerequisites to the major itself, but are the respective prerequisites for INR4603 International Relations: Frameworks of Analysis and CPO 4014 Comparative Politics: Frameworks for Analysis, one of which International Studies majors must take as a major elective.

Required International Educational Experience

INS3950 0 Exp: Int'l Educ Experience

This is the 0-credit course used to mark completion of the International Educational Experience requirement on your transcript. You must register for this course in the semester during which your activity takes place. Permission is required to enroll. See Registering for and Completing INS3950 for instructions.


The International Educational Experience requirement has been waived for students graduating in Spring 2021.

Foreign Language Courses

This section lists only foreign language courses. Courses taught in Chinese, French and Spanish on literature, culture and other topics, are listed in the blocks of electives below.

CHI1121 Beginning Chinese II

CHI2201 Intermediate Chinese II

FRE1120 Beginning French I 

FRE1121 Beginning French II 

FRE2240 Intermediate French I 

FRE2241 Intermediate French II 

FRE3283 Fren Listening/Speaking Skills

GER1121 Beginning German II

GER2201 Intermediate German II

SPN1120 Beginning Spanish I 

SPN1121 Beginning Spanish II 

SPN2200 Intermediate Spanish I

SPN2201 Intermediate Spanish II 

SPN3036 Spanish for Health Professions

SPN3242 Spanish Conversation

SPN3300 Spanish Composition

SPN3351 Comm for Heritage Speakers

Major Requirement

INS3003 Intro to Intl Studies

INS3003 is only offered spring semesters.

Major Electives

Comparative Politics and International Relations

You need one three-hour course in this category.

INR4603 Framewk: Analy Int Rel

Culture and Society

You need one three-hour course in this category.

ANT3212 (CD)(FC) Peoples/Cultures World


You need one three-hour course in this category.

ASH3932 ST: Ancient China

EUH3120 Medieval Europe

EUH3411 (FC) Ancient Rome

EUH3465 Nazi Germany

EUH3932 ST: 20th Century Spain

LAH3300 (CD) (FC) Latin America

LAH4932 ST: Rebel/Revol in Latin America

Economics and Geography

You need one three-hour course in this category.

ECO3701 CD-Contemporary Intl Eco

ECO3704 International Trade

GEO3553 Cultural Dimensions of Eco Geo

Philosophy and Religious Studies

You need one three-hour course in this category.

EUH3931 ST: Greco-Roman Mythology

PHH3400 Modern Philosophy

PHH3860 (FC) Japanese Philosophy

Literature, Film, and the Fine Arts

You need one three-hour course in this category.

ARH3150 Art Arch Ancient Rome

ARH3250 Romanesque Art

ARH3319 Art of Michelangelo

ARH3350 Baroque Art

ARH3574 Early Islamic Art

ENC3132 Hist. Later British Novel

ENC4240 Studies Brit Romantic Lit

FIL3832 Horror Films

SPW3030 Intro to Lit in Spanish

SPW3501 Contemporary Spanish Lit

Methods, Theories and Skills

You need one three-hour course in this category.

ANT 4083 Quantitative Methods in Anthropology 

ENC4403 Grant Writing

COM4561 Strategic Social Media

FIL4379 Adv Documentary Production

GIS3043 Introduction to GIS

GIS4048 Intermediate GIS

HIS3051 (GW) Craft Of The Historian

INS4941 Int'l Studies Internship (see program policy on Academic Credit for Internships)

PHI3084 Philosophical Methods

POS3733 Research Design for Poli Sci

POS3734 Research Analysis for Poli Sci

SYA3310 Qualitative Research Methods

SYA4010 Sociological Theory

Various Topics

You need three three-hour courses in this category. Any course listed in the preceding sections can also be a valid elective in this category.

ANT3101 Fundamentals of Archaeology

ANT3312 (CD)(FC) North American Indians

ANT3414 Princ Socio Cult Anthro

ANT3462 Health, Illness and Culture

ANT3514 Princ of Physical Anthropology

ANT3610 Linguistic Anthropology

ANT4241 Anthropology of Religion

CHT3500 (FC) Cross-Cultural China

CPO3123 (FC) Pol/Soc in Britain/Ireland

CPO3151 (FC) Politics/Society in France

CPO4034 Pol of Developing Countries

ECO4713 International Monetary System

ENC3250 (GW) Prof. Comm

ENC4415 Rhetoric in Digital Humanities

FOT3931 (FC) Food and Culture in France

FRE4501 France Today

GEO3372 Conservation of Nat Resources

GEO4930 ST: Remote Sensing

HSC4624 Global Health

HSC4931 ST:Global Immig / Refugee Hlth

IDH4990 (H) Exp: Aerial Surveillance

INR3016 Global Issues in Contemp Poli

INR3102 Real Policy World

INR3443 International Law/Organization

MAN4600 International Management

PHI4930 ST: Ethics, Culture, Global

SPN3242 Spanish Conversation

SPN3300 Spanish Composition

SPN3351 Comm for Heritage Speakers

SPN3510 Cultures of Spain

Last updated: 10/22/20